Energy solutions for industry

Together with you, we develop comprehensive solutions for the efficient use of energy, the greater integration of renewable resources and the efficient management of industrial systems. We help you optimize production processes, reduce costs and meet carbon reduction commitments.

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Only energy-efficient industry can be competitive in the long run

The efficient use of energy and resources, stable technological conditions, the reduced generation of waste, upgraded and energy-efficient lighting, improved working conditions. These are only a few of the results that you can achieve through the optimization of energy and infrastructure systems in industry. 

At Petrol, we provide energy-efficient cooling and heating systems, energy-efficient compressed air systems and lighting, quality electricity and electric motor drives. We integrate renewable energy sources and the cogeneration of heat and power in your production facility, help you utilize waste heat and take care of suitable ventilation systems. We will help you reduce costs and carbon footprint, as well as simplify your transition to cost-effective and sustainable mobility. 

Our solution for the challenges of modern business is the advanced IIoT Tango platform, which we use for managing our systems and combining diverse know-how and experience from our various projects to achieve convincing results.

The smart management of infrastructure systems

We ensure that your business decisions are efficient by using the advanced IIoT Tango platform. Tango is based on state-of-the-art technologies, which assist you in collecting, verifying and processing large amounts of data for advanced data analytics and machine learning. This allows you to monitor and keep an eye on your heating and cooling system, lighting, building operation and electrical systems, as well as other infrastructure.

In addition to remote systems management, smart digital solutions also help to ensure an uninterrupted heat supply, optimize investment and operating costs, generate savings, reduce the carbon footprint and maintain the standard of the employees’ working environment.

An efficient heating and cooling system

At Petrol, we plan, renovate, build and manage energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. This also includes the implementation of remote systems for control and troubleshooting. We optimise measurable data using near real-time advanced analytics and provide reliable information in one place.

We adapt the solutions to your needs and employ the most suitable technologies for your application. In this way, we help you achieve high heat transfer efficiency and the maximum savings. You can choose from a wide range of technologies, from gas condensing boilers or steam boilers, heat pumps, CHP, refrigeration and absorption refrigeration units, to waste heat recovery systems and free cooling units.

Energy-efficient lighting

You can save up to 80% of energy with energy-efficient lighting. At Petrol, we are replacing old and wasteful luminaires with modern LED luminaires, which, as well as lower energy consumption, provide an adequate level of illumination and light colours. In this way, we improve working conditions, the safety of the working environment, performance and well-being.

We make sure that our effective lighting solutions are compliant with the 
regulation, as well as with any specific requests, such as designer lighting. We also introduce control systems for remote control and troubleshooting. 

Renewable energy sources and high-efficiency CHP

The cogeneration of heat and power provides up to 90% efficiency. There is a selection of different cogeneration technologies, e.g. an internal combustion engine or a gas turbine. This gives you your own source of power and heat, as well as ensures simpler long-term cost containment and a shorter repayment period.

The integration of renewable energy sources is also becoming increasingly important in industrial processes. With solar and wind power plants, you get your own source of energy for heating and cooling, for production and other electrical appliances, lighting and even charging stations for electric vehicles.

Improving energy system stability

Our comprehensive solutions for industry are aimed at improving the stability of your energy system. We provide the services of a closed electricity distribution system operator. As part of our energy contracting activities, we assume the engineering and construction of energy systems in industry, as well as the risks associated with the renovation and operation of industrial energy systems.

Our measures to reduce energy consumption include the optimisation of electric motor drives, the use of compressed air and the implementation of reactive energy compensation, as well as ensuring an appropriate quality level of the electricity.

The efficient use of waste heat

In industry, waste heat can be an excellent source of energy for production processes, space heating and domestic hot water, as well as a heat source in district heating systems. The most common sources of waste heat are hot flue gases at the exhaust from various types of combustion devices, waste heat in compressed air systems, and waste heat from cooling systems.

However, the primary contribution to a comfortable and healthy working environment is the ventilation systems that return the energy of the exhaust air. In an industrial environment, it is crucial that such systems are properly designed and installed, as in these environments, the air is usually quite polluted and ventilation losses are high.

The circular management of technological water

In addition to beneficial environmental effects, the economical use of industrial wastewater – its cooling, treatment and reuse – also generates competitive advantages.

At Petrol, we ensure a reliable and safe supply of drinking and technological water and operate industrial wastewater treatment plants. We take care of the reuse of industrial water in recirculation systems for the rational and environmentally friendly use of water. Cooled industrial water in systems is harmless to the environment and can be released back into nature.

Management of industrial areas

As the operator of the closed electricity distribution systems in the Ravne and Štore industrial areas, Petrol is responsible for a reliable and secure long-term energy supply and system operation. The waste heat generated in metallurgical processes is a source for district heating for the needs of the town of Ravne and the entire closed industrial area of Ravne.

We are also in charge of the distribution of natural gas, the production and distribution of compressed air, and the preparation, distribution, cooling and treatment of industrial water. Using wastewater collection and treatment solutions, we follow the customer’s development needs and legal requirements.

Demand side management and production of electricity

The stability of the energy system not only requires sufficient electricity production, but also the adjustment of electricity production and consumption. 

Ensure a reliable, stable and fast service for demand side management and production of electricity in your business community by connecting your flexible units to our aggregator platform. Flexible demand can be provided with batteries, diesel generators, CHP units and electric boilers, the use of which is steadily increasing. In this way, you will intelligently manage surpluses or shortages of electricity, while at the same time improve the stability of the electricity network, postponing investments in new infrastructure.

The supply of energy products: electricity, gas, hydrogen

Our concern is the reliable and competitive supply of all types of energy products, including for industry. We provide high-quality energy products adapted to specific applications, with many benefits for people and the environment. We strive to select technologies and environmentally friendly energy products that contribute to decarbonisation. As an energy product, hydrogen will also play an important role in the transition to a low-carbon society. At Petrol, we supply and produce hydrogen from renewable energy sources.

We provide energy products such as natural gas, electricity, liquefied petroleum gas, district heating, biomass and heating oil, as well as industry-specific energy products such as cooling water, compressed air, technical gases and industrial steam.

Sustainable and cost-effective mobility

We also help industry in the transition to cost-effective and sustainable mobility by developing new transport options. We offer professional assistance in the planning, installation and management of charging stations for electric vehicles and in the gradual transition to electricity-driven traffic. 

We provide efficient charging for all electric vehicles without interfering with your energy network. By setting up EV charging stations and modernising your vehicle fleet, you can also significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and simplify employee mobility in your industry.

Energy audits and consulting

An energy audit is an in-depth analysis of the energy efficiency of your organization, equipment, systems, transportation and processes. It is based on a systematic analysis of data collected from energy flow measurements. 

Energy consumption can be a significant cost for a company. Through an energy audit, we identify potential opportunities to improve energy efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint and short- and long-term energy costs.

Energy contracting

We develop and implement comprehensive energy solution projects in industry using various business models, including the energy contracting model - a contractual relationship with a prior guarantee of performance. 

Petrol will take over the development, financing and realisation of the project as an energy partner. We also assume the technical and economic risk throughout the contract period and guarantee savings in energy consumption compared to the prior situation. The energy contracting model allows you to focus your financial resource on your core business.

We co-create the future of industry

Ravne na Koroškem: When waste becomes a resource

In Ravne, we proved that industrial and energy-intensive industrial areas can develop in synergy with the local community. Waste heat from SIJ Metal Ravne, which was discharged into the environment before the cogeneration of heat and power and the heat systems were upgraded, is today a source of district heating for the city of Ravne.

X-Flex: With flexibility to a more balanced energy system

Smart energy management projects such as X-Flex are developing tools to facilitate the use of flexibility in the energy system and thus increase the stability and reliability of supply. Such a system brings numerous benefits, from a reduced carbon footprint to increased self-sufficiency and the reliability of the energy supply.

Utilizing modern gas technologies to generate savings

Natural gas, which is the least burdensome for the environment among the fossil fuels, is a very suitable energy source for replacing the current one, including in terms of reliability and availability. By utilizing modern gas technologies, we can reduce energy consumption and costs in industry as well.

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