Energy renovation and management of buildings

By taking care of the entire energy renovation process, we can save you time and money. With the appropriate renovation, we ensure optimal use of energy and water, reduce environmental burdens and improve the comfort of living in the building.

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Ensuring a better environment through energy efficiency

The efficient use of energy and water in buildings is crucial if we want to achieve suitable end-user standards, which include comfort. Petrol takes care of the entire energy renovation process, as part of either a comprehensive or a technological solution. We seek out the best investment option, which ensures our clients optimum savings of energy and maintenance costs after the renovation. We refurbish various public and commercial buildings, where we also take on risks associated with construction, maintenance and the achievement of desired effects.

We use advanced software for the energy management of refurbished buildings. To this end, we have developed our own IIoT platform named Tango. We have set up a centralized database that serves as a key element of efficient decision-making. We use Tango to help building managers monitor the cost-saving effects of the energy renovation process. This allows us to reduce maintenance and operational costs even further.

Our solutions for the energy renovation of buildings:

Energy renovation of public buildings

Working with public-sector partners (cities, local communities, municipalities, and ministries), we carry out both comprehensive and technological renovations of public buildings. The refurbishments provide increased levels of comfort to users of these public buildings, while our public partners benefit from increased investment capability, because they can recoup, in whole or in part, their initial investment.

Once the measures are carried out, the consumption of energy and the cost of energy sources both decrease. This leads to a reduction in overall expenses as well as the financial and technical risks associated with the energy supply. The environmental impact is also reduced.

Energy renovation of commercial buildings

The owners and managers of commercial buildings are increasingly aware of just how important their buildings’ energy efficiency really is. Therefore, energy renovations of commercial buildings are becoming an increasingly common decision made by business partners. Comprehensive and sustainable energy solutions may save them money and increase the building’s environmental comfort as well as its productivity, aesthetics and overall value.

Petrol will help you plan a new energy system that is economical, efficient and environmentally friendly, regardless of whether the structure is an office building, a manufacturing space, a warehouse, a tourist establishment, a sports facility, a farm, a church or any other type of building.

The comprehensive or technological energy renovation of buildings

We will help you find a solution adapted to your needs. Based on your requirements, we can opt for either a comprehensive or a technological renovation.

Comprehensive energy renovations include the renovation of the entire building envelope, mechanical and electrical energy systems in the building and the implementation of other measures to improve energy efficiency.

Technological energy renovations include various measures or sets of measures carried out on the envelope of the building or on mechanical and electrical systems in the building to improve its energy efficiency.

Refurbishment of heating and cooling systems

Heating and cooling have a significant effect on the energy efficiency of a building. This is why technological renovation measures include changes to heating, cooling, air conditioning and ventilation systems. We can upgrade the systems with self-sufficient energy solutions that use renewable energy sources, in most cases by setting up the building’s own solar panels.

At Petrol, we use various technological measures to greatly improve the energy efficiency of buildings and reduce their carbon footprint. We also provide advice regarding the optimal selection of modern heating and cooling options, and we ensure a long lifetime of those systems and favorable warranties.

Energy management

After all the planned measures have been carried out, proper and efficient energy management becomes the key to achieving optimal energy-saving effects. This includes the correct use of new devices and systems, the appropriate temperature and air quality settings in interior spaces and efficient maintenance.

Petrol is using advanced software solutions to ensure proper energy management. The software allows energy managers to respond quickly as they monitor the use of energy and water in the buildings.

Cooperation made easy

Business models

We provide energy renovation of buildings using various business models, which we can adapt to the needs of our partners.

Working with public-sector partners (cities, local communities, municipalities, and ministries), we carry out our projects through public-private partnerships using concessions or energy contracting, which we pioneered more than 20 years ago. The most important business models for the realization of energy renovations include energy supply contracting (ESC), energy performance contracting (EPC) and water performance contracting (WPC).

In addition to these models, business users tend to opt for energy renovation projects on a turnkey model and as part of comprehensive energy solutions that are adapted to their needs.

Working together on energy renovation of buildings

The energy renovation of buildings owned by the Urban Municipality of Ljubljana (EOL-1, 2, 3)

Among the biggest energy renovation projects in Slovenia is the renovation of public buildings in Ljubljana. As part of the EOL-1 and EOL-2 projects, we helped to refurbish 59 buildings. In the process, we saved the capital city as much as 1.3 million euros and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 3500 metric tons. The third phase of the project, which will include the energy renovation of 27 buildings, is already underway. All comprehensively renovated buildings receive at least 25% of their energy from renewable sources.


The renovation of a boiler system in Maribor's Pobrežje neighborhood

In Pobrežje, we operate a boiler system that is used to supply 55 apartment buildings with a total heating area of 56,600 m2 . As part of the project, we have renovated the boiler system using the energy contracting model. By renovating the energy system, we have ensured households access to reliable hot water and heat, lowered the heating costs in the entire neighborhood and reduced emissions of greenhouse gasses into the environment by more than 50% or 761 metric tons a year, all without the use of money from reserve building funds.

A comprehensive energy self-sufficiency solution for the Mega M company

For the Mega M building in Velenje, we designed an energy solution that includes both the cooling and the heating of interior spaces. It also ensures electricity self-sufficiency and, as an additional feature, electrical mobility. The Mega M building used the Velenje district heating system for its heat, while its cooling system was separate and was based on the use of air conditioning devices. By refurbishing the energy system, we reduced costs and set up a more efficient cooling and heating system.

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