Terms and Conditions of Use

General rules for the use of IT products and services provided by Petrol d.d., Ljubljana, as of 8 September 2011

  1. These terms have the nature of general terms and conditions and lay down the terms of use of IT products and services provided by Petrol, Slovenska energetska družba, d.d., Ljubljana, Dunajska cesta 50, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, registration number 5025796000, VAT ID number: SI80267432, entered in the court register by the Ljubljana circuit court under the number 1/05773/00, having a share capital in the amount of 52,240,977.04 EUR (hereinafter referred to as the "Provider"). When the rules of use for a single product or service are laid down separately, they shall apply in a subsidiary manner.
  2. Applications and other software for personal computers, cell phones, tablet personal computers and other similar devices, website or social network applications, websites, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "Products and Services") shall be principally deemed IT products and services.
  3. The use of the Provider's Products and Services shall not be permitted without accepting these Rules. By starting to use the products and services, the person using them shall be deemed to agree thereto.
  4. Pursuant to these Rules, a user shall constitute a person that uses the Products and Services to which these Rules apply or a person that has used them in the past and has accepted the Rules either by explicit consent or on the basis of the provisions of the Code of Obligations or any other regulation. All the rights of the user and all the obligations of the Provider laid down in these General terms only relate to users as laid down in this paragraph.
  5. As soon as a user accepts these Rules, regardless of the method of acceptance, he/she shall be bound thereby for all products and services of the Provider that the user is already using or that the user will be using in the future. The user agrees that these Rules can be modified at any time by the Provider if they are previously published on the www.petrol.si website or its sub-site. The changed Rules shall enter into force one month after their publication.
  6. In principle, the issuer is the holder of all material copyrights for Products and Services provided and the holder of any other intellectual property rights. Under these Rules, the Provider shall not renounce these rights and limit them or transfer them to the user. When another person is the holder of material or moral copyrights or other intellectual property rights or when Products and Services are applied in relation to the Products and Services of another person, the Provider shall not make any guarantees in relation to the use of these products.
  7. By accepting these Rules, the user of the Products and Services undertakes to use them in a legal and legitimate way and to achieve legal and legitimate purposes. When the use of the Products and Services allows the user to share his/her opinion or to publish other content (photographs, video, etc.), he/she undertakes that the contents shall not undermine the good name of the Provider, insult the feelings of other users and third persons or to interfere with their rights.
  8. The Provider shall have the right to cease the provision of Products and Services at any time without prior notification of the user.
  9. The Provider shall not be obliged to provide accessibility to the Products and Services if they are failing to function due to the non-functioning of the facilities, services of software of other persons, on which the functioning of the Provider's Products and Services depends or because of errors in the Products and Services.
  10. Products and Services may be modified at any time, which also includes the option of automatic updating or modification of the software that must be transferred to the user's devices. If costs are incurred during transfer via data-transfer facilities, they shall be borne by the user.
  11. The Provider shall not guarantee that the Products and Services will function on the user's hardware and software. The hardware and software requirements listed in relation to specific Products and Services are for information only.
  12. The Provider shall not guarantee the correctness, comprehensiveness, accuracy or up-to-date nature of information obtained by means of the Products and Services by the user, which shall also include third person content and advertising messages.
  13. When certain data can be stored for the use of Products and Services, the Provider shall not guarantee the permanent storage thereof. The risk of deletion thereof shall be borne by the user. Data entered into a product or service may be stored in a non-protected form or can be transferred in such a form via the data-transfer facilities. The risk of abuse thereof by third persons shall be borne by the user.
  14. The Provider shall not be bound to offer assistance in the use of Products and Services, which shall also apply when the Provider publishes telephone numbers or other contact information for user assistance.
  15. The user agrees that the Products and Services may display advertising messages from the Provider or third persons.
  16. The Provider shall not be liable for the content of third person advertising messages. The user is aware of the fact that the contents may be insulting, inappropriate or may otherwise interfere with the user's personality, even though the Provider shall make all sensible efforts to prevent it.
  17. If the Products and Services are used in connection with social networks or other similar services, where the user has created an account or profile with publicly available data, the user agrees to the publication of data on the use of an application and advertising messages of the Provider thereon. If the rules of the relevant social network or other services allow, the user may also prevent the publication thereof.
  18. If the Provider suspects that the user is breaching the provisions of these Rules or regulations or if a product or service is abused by a third person, it may remove the content published or stored by the user or third person by means of the application or services without prior notification. In such cases, the Provider may also prohibit the user from applying Products and Services or matter-of-factly prevent the user from further using Products and Services without prior notification.
  19. The service provider shall not be liable for any damage, regardless of its form, resulting from the use or non-functioning of the Products and Services or the Provider's acts contrary to this contract, unless on the basis of these Rules, he/she shall explicitly assume a certain obligation or when the right to compensation cannot be limited or excluded on the basis of mandatory provisions.
  20. Slovenian law shall apply for the legal relationship between the Provider and the user; the settlement of disputes in relation thereto shall fall under the jurisdiction of the Ljubljana court.