Petrol Group

Petrol is energy for life. The largest Slovenian energy company with a strong presence in south-east Europe, the Petrol Group is spearheading the transition to cleaner energy sources, putting the user first.

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Energy is us, together

For over 75 years, the Petrol Group has been improving daily life in the Adriatic region. We are the first stopover on each journey and the energy for all the upcoming changes.

Supported by new technologies, Petrol is improving energy efficiency, investing in renewable sources and transforming established ways of how energy products are sold and used. We are breaking new ground with sustainable mobility and are proud to be part of exciting pilot projects that highlight all that we are and all that we can do.

Partnering with the industry, the public sector, research centres, suppliers and households, Petrol is leading the way towards achieving key environmental goals, recognizing that energy is us, together.

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Helping our customers thrive

Creating a low-carbon future, together