Solutions for the home

From electricity and natural gas, all the way to solar panels, heating pumps and more, we’ll help you create an energy and cost-efficient home.

All the solutions for your home in one place

Let your home become a cradle of warmth, comfort and ease. Turn to Petrol for a comprehensive selection of energy sources and energy solutions, all by one provider and on one monthly bill. With affordable Petrol financing and user-friendly overview of energy consumed and bills received in Moj Petrol, our mobile app and user portal.

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Energy sources


Power the needs of your household with electricity, provided by Petrol.

Natural gas

Heat your home with versatile and nature-friendly natural gas provided by Petrol.

Heating oil

Ensure optimal combustion and extend the lifespan of your heating system.

Liquified petroleum gas

Choose an energy source that is cost-effective and kind to the environment.

District heating

Lower energy costs and connect your home to one of our district heating systems.


Select briquettes or pellets and heat your home the natural way, with wood biomass.

Energy solutions

Heating pumps

Choose a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to heat and cool your home.

Solar panels

Harvest the sustainable power of the sun, turning solar power into electricity.

IR panels

Fill your home with natural and comfortable warmth.

Gas boilers

Make sure to always enjoy a comfortable temperature and hot water.  

Ventilation systems

Infuse your home with fresh air and create optimal living conditions.

Air conditioners

Create comfort in your home and enjoy a temperature that is always ideal.