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Low on fuel? Hungry? Have to pick up a package? Need to equip your car? The solution is on the go – stop at one of the 590+ Petrol service stations in the Adriatic region!

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Welcome to Petrol

Running on fumes? Need your first morning coffee? Had no time for lunch? Is the fridge empty? Have to pick up a gift? Looking for affordable new tires?
The solution is on the go!

Welcome all who need a caffeine pick-me-up and all who are hungry. Welcome all who have run out of milk, but want to make pancakes before tucking the kids into bed. All that have to go to a birthday party and all who stopped for gum, but left with car tires. Throughout the Adriatic region, Petrol gas stations offer quick and convenient purchases that are perfectly adapted to the tempo of your life.


On the go, for me

Coffee on the Go

Grab a moment for yourself. Stop at Petrol for a caffeine pick-me-up and enjoy the select tastes of our freshly-ground Coffee on the Go.

Petrol stores

You’ll find a store at every Petrol location. Enter to buy everything from drinks to laundry detergent, magazines, products for your car and more.

Fresh food and snacks

Pick up a sandwich, enjoy freshly baked bread, order a burger, pizza or smoothie, and buy your favorite snack. All at Petrol.

Additional services

At Petrol you can pick up your package, purchase a concert ticket, pay the bills, play the lottery, print documents and more.

On the go, for my car

Q Max fuels

Fill your tank with our best fuels to date, offering peak performance. Drive economically and reduce your environmental impact.


Car tires

Find your new tires at Petrol and choose between a wide range of world-renowned brands: Nokian, Hankook, Laufenn and many more.

Products for your car

Petrol’s range of industrial lubricants and chemical products ensure the smooth operation of your industrial processes.

Car wash

Make sure your vehicle sparkles and shines. All Petrol car wash locations feature only the best and softest bristles, and the latest car wash technology.

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