Efficient lighting

Petrol provides efficient lighting for a brighter future, ensuring optimal lighting wherever, whenever, and as needed. With our comprehensive approach, we are improving general and traffic safety, as well as a lighting’s service life. At the same time, we are reducing energy, maintenance and operational costs and, most importantly, diminishing light pollution.


Efficient lighting for a brighter future

Lighting is one of the most important infrastructures in any city or local community. Inadequate public lighting can be a major energy consumer, while also causing light pollution.

Suitable lighting is crucial also in illuminating the exterior and interior of public, industrial, residential, sports and other business facilities. The use of inadequate lighting is reflected in excessive electricity and maintenance costs, as well as in deteriorated working and living conditions.

Petrol is replacing old, energy-wasting lights with modern LED luminaires, which direct light only where it is needed. The colour spectrum of such light is also closer to the natural one, while energy consumption is reduced by up to 80%.



Our solutions for efficient lighting:

Efficient public lighting

The role of efficient lighting in cities and urban centres has been increasing. Frequently, cities decide to renovate the public lighting system through public-private partnerships, or within the scope of energy contracting. In this way, they ensure electricity and maintenance savings, a positive impact on municipal budget expenses, as well as reduced light pollution.

Through our comprehensive approach, we are improving the general and traffic safety as well as the quality of maintenance and service life of the public lighting system.

Efficient indoor and outdoor lighting

Adequate lighting for outdoor and indoor spaces as well as for different types of public and business facilities is an important parameter. It improves the well-being, productivity and vitality of users, and the safety of indoor or outdoor environment.

At Petrol, we ensure that our effective lighting solutions are compliant with applicable standards and any specific requests, such as designer lighting, while still providing high electricity savings.

Efficient industry lighting

We replace old and wasteful luminaires with modern LED ones, which, in addition to lower energy consumption, also provide an appropriate illumination and color of light. In this way, we are improving working conditions, the safety of the working environment, as well as performance and well-being.

We ensure compliance with regulations, while considering the needs of our partners and the intended use of facilities and their individual spaces. The integration of the supervisory systems for remote control and timely troubleshooting is provided.

Management of energy-efficient lighting

In itself, the renovation of luminaires brings positive results in electricity and maintenance costs These, however, can be lowered further with efficient management provided by our own IIoT platform Tango. In this way, we can help with maintenance and on-site energy consumption readings as well as with reducing environmental impact.

Lighting as a building block of smart cities

Becoming ever more important is smart lighting. The luminaires are gaining in functionality, increasing their usage and connectivity potential. For business users, smart lighting enables brightness adjustments in line with the purpose and intended use of the facility, while different standardized levels of lighting are also provided through the appropriate automation of operation.

More and more, within reason, public partners are choosing to introduce a smart lighting system in the comprehensive energy renovations of their public lighting systems. In addition to energy efficiency and additional possibility of actively adjusting light intensity to present needs, some of the luminaires can also serve as building blocks for other smart city infrastructure.

Easy cooperation

Business models

We provide efficient renovation of lighting systems under various business models, tailored to our partners.

With local communities, cities and municipalities, projects are realized mostly in public-private partnerships, through a concession model or an energy contracting model. Business users, on the other hand, mostly opt for lighting renovation within the scope of comprehensive energy solutions that are tailored to their needs.

Developing the efficient lighting together

Baza Športa Sports Centre and Squashland in Štepanjsko naselje, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The interior of both buildings was fully equipped with unique energy-saving designer LED lighting, which is also suitable for the needs of the activities in each space. For the Squashland facility, we also provided energy-saving LED lighting for the exterior of the building and the outdoor parking lots.

Renovating the lighting system at the company TRO, Prevalje, Slovenia

By renovating the outdated lighting at the Slovene company TRO, we significantly improved the lighting in their production facilities and reduced the amount of electricity used for lighting in four production spaces and in the surrounding areas.

Renovating the public lighting system in the Zaječar Municipality, Serbia

By replacing almost 10,000 energy-inefficient lamps with new LED lamps, the Zaječar Municipality in Serbia will reduce costs by over 1 million euros over the next 15 years and reduce emissions by over 3,400 tonnes of CO2 per year. The annual electricity savings are exceeding 4,700 MWh, with Zaječar able to invest its funds in other sustainability projects.

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