Comprehensive energy solutions

The Petrol Group offers customers in the industry, the public sector and other entities a market-competitive model of integrated energy management in a technological, economic and environmental sense, combining the implementation of integrated energy services.

Long-term contractual energy supply and contractual provision of energy savings and water is the most common model of implementation of such projects in both the public and commercial sectors and industry.

The key advantage for customers in this type of model is that Petrol take over all technical and economic risks for the implementation and management of the project, provides the necessary financial assets for implementing measures and supplies the customer with all the necessary energy of adequate quality, while guarantees savings in the consumption of energy products in relation to the previous situation.

As part of comprehensive energy solutions in 2017:

  • we managed with energy in 351 buildings with a total area of over 1.060.000 m2, which means an increase of 116 buildings and 481.617 m2 with newly acquired projects in Bohinjska Bistrica, in the City Municipality of Ljubljana, in Novo mesto, in Hrastnik, in Črnomelj, in the Ministry of Justice - 3 courts and on already existing facilities,
  • 98 customers were connected to the district heating system,
  • ensured efficient lighting in 13 systems, of which 7 public lighting concessions; we built and completed public lighting systems in the municipalities of Črnomelj, Hrastnik, Poljčane and Radlje ob Dravi in the amount of 3.084 lamps and renovated the lighting at student residence Študentski dom 7 at the University of Maribor,
  • we took over the management of 84 electric charging stations,
  • produced 2,550 MWh of electricity with 33 photovoltaic devices, which we operate, and represent 2.7 MW of total electric power,
  • with the service of technical-economic optimization of plumbing systems, we helped operators to reduce the water losses of the five water system for a total of more than 1.900,000 m3,
  • with the service of technical and economic optimization of district heating systems, we helped to increase the efficiency of heat production and distribution in the 20 major district heating systems in the region with a total power of over 7,500 MW,
  • We carried out the 2nd phase of the project of technical and economic optimization of district heating systems in Bolzano, Italy, in Osijek, Croatia, and the upgrade of the district heating project in Belgrade, Serbia,
  • started with business-technical cooperation in the design, construction, distribution and management of a district heating project for wood biomass in the city of Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • carried out the 1st phase of the project of technical and economic optimization of the district heating system in Sofia, Bulgaria (with 4,400 MW of power, the second largest district heating system in Europe),
  • in order to increase the efficiency of the district heating system in Novi Sad the project of automation of 350 heat exchange stations has been completed.

In the year 2017, the majority of new long-term heat supply projects, energy renovation of buildings, reduction of energy consumption and water losses were implemented according to the model of public-private partnership.