Comprehensive energy solutions

Petrol Group provides customers from the fields of industry, public sector and other entities with a market-competitive model of comprehensive energy management in a technological, economic and environmental sense that includes the provision of comprehensive energy services. Our energy solutions include energy renovation of buildings, heating and cooling, and lighting.

Energy renovation of the facilities is carried out according to the principle of public-private partnership or energy contracting. Energy renovation of public buildings on a larger scale is underway in Slovenia. At Petrol, we are actively cooperating and implementing measures to reduce energy use and costs for energy supply in several municipalities.

Contracts are separated for:

  • comprehensive energy renovations, including the renovation of the entire building envelope, mechanical and power systems in the facility and the implementation of other energy efficiency improvement measures, 
  • technological energy renovation of buildings, comprising the implementation of individual measures or groups of measures on the building envelope and of mechanical and power systems in the facility to improve energy efficiency.

We renovate elementary schools, kindergartens, sports halls, indoor pools, facilities for cultural activities, and office buildings. We find particular challenges in buildings that are protected as cultural heritage or by the architect's copyright.
According to the principle of energy contracting, Petrol (on some projects together with consortia partners) invests at least 50.1 percent of the required funds in energy renovations. Cohesion grants (40%) are obtained for eligible costs, the rest is contributed by a public partner. In all buildings where comprehensive energy renovation was carried out, we made sure that at least 25% of the energy for heating was from renewable sources.

In 2020, we performed energy contracting services for 341 facilities with a total surface area of 1,034,293 m2, roughly the size of 86 Petrol business buildings at Dunajska 50 in Ljubljana.

Story of sustainability : Energy renovation of buildings