Recovery of waste heat

Exploitation of waste heat is an important aspect of efficient energy use. Together with our partners, we implement concrete development projects for industry.

Within the consortium of the SIJ Group, Metal Ravne, the local community Ravne na Koroškem and the Jožef Stefan Institute in Petrol we set up a technological platform for an innovative energy example of the transition of the steel industry into circular economy, with a comprehensive energy solution "Exploiting the excess heat of metallurgical processes for the purposes of district heating in the Ravne na Koroškem"

This is the first project of useful use of excess heat in the steel industry, which has with using modern technology and innovative system solutions for integrating a smart, efficient and sustainable way of heating and cooling, a future for growth. In this way, industry and cities will be able to save energy and improve air quality, which will benefit society as a whole.

On the basis of the circular economy, we have set up the targeted participation of the economy, the local community and the public research institute in the creation of new circular business models, where end users are brought to the fore. Through innovation, the steel industry and the local environment have opened the way to a common goal, namely the transition to efficient low-carbon energy systems. They are based on the integration of natural local resources, renewable sources of energy, the use of excess heat and respect for the principles of sustainable development.