Solar power plants

Let Petrol take care of the planning, construction and management of your solar power plants. Entrust us with generating clean energy from a renewable source with a lesser impact on the environment.


The sun, a renewable energy source

The sun, a renewable energy source.

Solar energy is an inexhaustible energy source with a high long-term potential for generating electricity as it is clean, renewable and has the minimum harmful impact on the environment. Photovoltaics, the generation of energy from sunlight, is today one of the fastest developing technologies that utilize renewable energy sources, while trends indicate encouraging future growth.

By planning, constructing and managing solar power plants, Petrol helps business users, industry, cities and local communities keep up with the times and establish energy self-sufficiency, utilizing electricity from renewable sources. 

At the same time, we make sure that a solar power plant is part of a comprehensive energy solution to ensure the best efficiency and results in combination with multiple energy solutions.

The sun, a renewable energy source.

Solar power plants for office buildings

A solar power plant is your own source of energy that enables the self-supply of electricity and generates savings. Petrol pays special attention to connecting energy solutions into comprehensive sustainable stories that help you achieve even better results. Solar power plants can be part of a comprehensive energy solution for renovated or new buildings, where solar energy powers efficient heating and cooling systems, efficient lighting and other devices that require electricity, and is also an energy source for charging electric vehicles. 

In addition to favourable repayment terms, we provide insurance, remote control and reliable maintenance during the repayment period. We provide the turn-key implementation of the project and take care of all the required documentation. You can also acquire a grant from the Eco Fund for a solar power plant or other available funds on open tenders in the fields of the economy, infrastructure and similar. 

Solar power plants for a reduced carbon footprint of industry

European trends dictate that production facilities must be supplied with a certain percentage of renewable energy. At Petrol, we help you install solar power plants on industrial and large office buildings. With solar power plants, you can get your own source of energy for heating and cooling, for production and other electrical appliances, lighting, and even charging stations for electric vehicles.

We implement the project in line with your needs and take care of all the required documentation. Our partners most commonly choose the PPA model (Power Purchase Agreement) to collaborate with us, which means that Petrol takes care of the entire technology and maintenance, while partners are provided with more cost-effective green electricity.

Solar power plants for a greater share of RES in the public sector

Solar power stations are also an excellent choice for the public sector. When renovating public buildings, it is very important for municipalities to increase the use of renewable energy sources and reduce energy use. The Municipality of Kranj, for example, installed a solar power plant on the roof of their Olympic-size pool. The pool water is heated by solar energy in combination with geothermal energy and the use of heat pumps.

Petrol strives to help public partners implement projects and assist them with the financing and management of solar power plants and energy. We find the most comprehensive solution, which can also include modern mobility solutions, from charging infrastructure and EV charging to the electrification of the vehicle fleet.

A hybrid solution: solar power plants for e-mobility

Do you wonder how to charge your vehicle for the best possible price? Solar power plants, which provide an energy source directly on the facility where you need the energy, are an excellent solution. 

Choose between charging gantries, which usually include a solar power plant with an overhang, and a simple installation of EV charging stations next to the office buildings with the embedded solar power plant. A space for charging vehicles is required (and a high-performance battery is also recommended), while Petrol takes care of optimal charging, tailored to your needs, as well as the electrification of your vehicle fleet.

The efficient management of solar power plants

We provide a simple and efficient centralized remote overview of the operation of solar panels to owners of solar power plants, regardless of the model and make of the equipment. 

With our own IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) Tango platform, we establish a single database and enable comprehensive control over the operation of everything from one to a portfolio of solar power stations in near-real-time. This allows us to optimize the preventive maintenance of solar power plants, such as cleaning the solar panels. 

In accordance with the sale model, we ensure flawless operation, which includes operation control, warranty and troubleshooting for solar power plants.

Solar power plants for local energy self-sufficient communities

Modern concepts of local energy self-sufficiency are on the rise. Within the framework of the European COMPILE project, Petrol, in collaboration with Elektro Celje and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, established the first Slovenian local energy self-sufficient community in Luče, where they were looking for a solution for their weak and unstable electricity grid.

The project enabled the transition from a centralized system to a flexible yet stable and decentralized network with active users. This network includes and supports renewable energy sources and allows for the optimal integration and control of all energy factors, energy storage and electromobility for increased decarbonisation and energy savings. In this way, inhabitants of Luče will permanently reduce their energy costs, but the cherry on top is the connectedness of all those involved and the increased awareness of the energy challenges that local inhabitants face. 

Simplest collaboration

Business models

We develop and implement solar power plant energy solutions under various business models, which are tailored to your needs. 

Our partners commonly decide on a purchase with zero interest repayment in instalments, where we provide the option to repay the investment in instalments for up to 5 years without any initial costs, while you can also settle your investment with a one-off payment

When it comes to large projects, the most frequently selected business models are energy contracting, where the development, financing and realization of the project is assumed by Petrol, while we also guarantee the effect, and the PPA model (Power Purchase Agreement), which ensures reliable supply with predictable costs.

We help our partners transition to a low-carbon society

A solar power plant as part of the sport centre’s sustainable story

Squashland in Ljubljana found that a comprehensive approach works out. By implementing a comprehensive, custom-made solution, we helped them intertwine the concept of the circular economy with the reuse of available materials and the implementation of a comprehensive boutique energy solution: power plant, heat pump for heating and cooling, designer LED lighting and charging stations for electric vehicles.

With the sun as a comprehensive solution for a sustainable energy self-sufficient office building

Sustainable heating, cooling and energy self-sufficiency are energy solutions implemented by Mega M, a company from Velenje, using a comprehensive approach. In collaboration with us, they installed a solar power plant for partial energy self-supply on the roof, an HVAC system with heat pumps, connected into a cascade for heating and cooling office spaces and EV charging stations in the basement for the electrification of their vehicle fleet.

Solar power plant for a modern and economical approach to farming

Modern approaches and technologies pay off even in traditional activities such as farming. They know this well on the Sajovic farm, where the cow milking machines, the lighting in the barn and other devices in the building are now partly powered by a solar power plant. The investment on the farm is repaid with money that would otherwise be used for electricity bills.

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