Generation of electricity from wind

By 2030, wind will become the largest source of electricity in Europe. Petrol can harvest it for you by planning, constructing and managing wind power plants.


Between 2009 and 2013, the global production of wind energy has doubled, with wind, according to projections of the International Energy Agency, to become the largest source of electricity in the European Union by 2030. In 2017, wind energy thus covered nearly 12% of all electricity demand in Europe.


Wind power plants for cities and regions

Before carrying out a project in a city or region, measurements of average wind speed and analysis of its characteristics must also be carried out.

A competitive and rapidly growing source of energy

Investments in wind farms in Europe picked up speed in 2016. The technology necessary to reap the energy of the wind is rapidly developing, with more than 30% growth in the last five years. As the costs of wind power plants decrease, they become more and more competitive when compared to conventional energy sources.

Share of electricity production in the EU by source, 2017-2040

Source: International energy agency