Generating Electricity from Hydro Energy

Most of the world's renewable electricity is generated from hydro energy. Including in hydropower plants built and operated by Petrol in the region.


Water, a renewable energy source

Civilizations have always been built around water. Not only is water a source of life, but it is also the world’s largest renewable energy source. And hydropower trends indicate future growth.

At Petrol, we are betting on sustainable energy production, which is why we built the Jeleč hydropower plant in Bosnia and Hercegovina. We also operate five more hydropower plants in the SE region.


Why Hydropower Plants?

Water is Constantly Renewed in Nature

Hydropower is energy obtained from the potential energy of water, one of the key renewable energy sources. When the turbines are driven, the energy potential of the water is converted into mechanical energy, which is then converted into electricity through generators. Water is considered a clean energy source, as there are no greenhouse gas emissions.

The Geographical Location of Hydropower Plants

Hydropower potential and natural conditions dictate the type of hydropower plant. Petrol's small hydropower plants are of the derivative type and are located on smaller watercourses in Bosnia and Hercegovina and Serbia. 

The region still has a lot of potential when it comes to small hydropower plants, which are more environmentally friendly and affect the environment less.

The Construction of Hydropower Plants

The utilization of hydro energy sources depends on the climate and geographical conditions. Hydropower plants are built in locations where it is possible to exploit the hydropower potential in an economically efficient manner, wherein we strive to mitigate all the negative environmental impacts. The advantage of renewable sources is also their dispersion and accessibility, as they can be better matched with local energy needs. 

Water flow measurements and terrain surveys are carried out at the intended location before the hydropower plant is built. Ordinarily, a concession from a competent institution – such as a city, region or state – must be obtained to build a hydropower plant.

Business Models

We develop and implement small hydropower plant solutions primarily as an investor and partner in project development, where cooperation with local businesses and the environment is key.

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