At work, we take into account high standards of business ethics and build an organizational culture that promotes legal, transparent and ethical behaviour and decision-making of all employees, which is the basis of business compliance. We are enforcing the principle of zero tolerance to illegal and unethical behaviour.

The environmental risks associated with environmental protection are controlled by the Petrol Group with the overall security policy of the entire group, with ensuring the compliance system and with elementary (implementing) security and environmental sub-policies (e.g. the safety management system under the SEVESO Directive, in force for all SEVESO risk facilities in the management of the Petrol Group).

Policies, that define our environmental impact, are umbrella security policy with environmental policy, energy policy and a system of safety and quality that connect and overlap and are an integral part of all processes in Petrol.

Care for environmental protection jis embedded in all levels of our business. Petrol's environmental management system is adapted to the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001 and is an integral part of Petrol's development plan.

In dealing with the environment, we commited ourselves in Petrol to four fundamental objectives:

  1. All warehouses, service stations and other facilities will be updated ecologically,
  2. We will reduce the emissions of harmful substances to the lowest possible level,
  3. We will exploit our natural resources economically,
  4. We will, as far as possible, prevent disasters and reduce the possibility of their occurrence.

Petrol has several environmental permits for its operation, depending on the activities taking place at these locations.

For all SEVESO facilities that present a higher risk, we have valid environmental permits. All the provisions, which are defined in the environmental permits, are consistently implemented.

Energy policy obliges Petrol to control the management of energy and water that we need in the provision of services. We have committed ourselves to continuously optimize our efficiency and reduce energy and water costs while at the same time reducing the impact on the environment and consequently the greenhouse gas emissions. With the implementation of energy policy in Petrol we strive for responsible and efficient use of energy and water saving in all facilities, installations and equipment, which also reflected in the lesser impact on the environment.

Due to the strategic importance and awareness of the vulnerability of energy and oil trading activity, ensuring the safe and continuous operation is one of the key responsibilities in the operations of the Petrol Group. This, among other things, is facilitated by an integrated security system.

The umbrella security policy covers the following security areas:

  1. Safety and health at work,
  2. Fire protection,
  3. Physical and technical protection of persons and property,
  4. Protection of the environment,
  5. Sound management of chemicals and safety in the transport of dangerous substances in the road, rail and sea transport,
  6. The protection of classified information and business secrets,
  7. Information security.

Protection of Privacy and Personal Data Handling In all personal data processing activities, we pay attention to all aspects of respect for an individual's privacy, in particular by defining a clear purpose for personal data processing, which is always placed within the legitimate boundaries, by determining well-defined types of personal data that is needed for a specific purpose only, by identifying adequate legal bases for the data processing, as well as by transparently  informing individuals about the processing of personal data and providing all relevant information regarding the processing and their rights. We constantly ensure adequate information security when processing personal data, as security is the basis of trust.