Impact assessment

Environmental aspects of our sustainable development are measured and managed with indicators that reflect the environmental footprint of our own activities (gas stations, fuel storage facilities, wastewater treatment plants, biogas plants, office buildings, etc.) and indicators showing the contribution of our activities to the environment more friendly footprint of other subjects of the wider society.

We regularly carry out monitoring of wastewater, emissions of substances into the air, sources of noise, control of the tightness of the tanks and the quality of fuels. We also carry out the monitoring of the treatment of biodegradable waste and assessing waste. To monitor the operation and management of biological processes in the treatment plants and biogas plants, daily measurements of individual parameters are carried out, which ensures efficient process control and the possibility of reducing the environmental burden.


Strategic sustainability indicators are measured and managed annually. In assessing the environmental aspects, the Petrol Group experts from several areas are involved at least every three years, or in case of major changes in legislation, environmental policy or in the event of a change in the opinion of the interested public. In managing important environmental aspects and indicators, we also work with suppliers and contract partners.

Every two years, we prepare a standalone sustainability report in which we report on the indicators of compliance with GRI standards.

Environmental footprint of the Petrol Group

Social footprint of the Petrol Group in Slovenia

Petrol d.d., Ljubljana is a company of special importance for the country, for the supply of the economy and population of Slovenia. In the company, we are aware that at the locations of the Seveso risk management facilities, where we store large quantities of petroleum products, our activity presents a potential threat for employees, the environment and the population.

Employees are trained and informed and ensure the implementation of security and safety measures. In order to inform the outside public, Information for the public is available for all risk installations, and is publicly accessible on the company's website and at all Seveso risk sites.