Sustainable management

Sustainable development is the strategic commitment of the Petrol Group, which is the responsibility of the Management Board and all employees in accordance with their competences. Our role is dual. On the one hand, we carry out our core business with a high level of responsibility towards the natural and social environment, and on the other hand, we are actively promoting a sustainable transformation of the wider society with our business programs and products.

We are proactively responding to the many sustainability challenges of the wider environment and trying to re-direct them to business opportunities as much as possible. Based on the sustainable development strategy of the Petrol Group and the key stakeholder matrix, we identified the key sustainability areas. These are those areas that have the greatest impact on our sustainable footprint. Sustainable indicators, with which we measure our operation on a sustainable path, are continuously measured, evaluated and managed in the long term. We report this transparently and accurately.

We participate in the Responsible management program (POR), which is a global initiative of the chemical industry to improve its management in the field of health, safety and environmental protection. With this initiative, the chemical industry promotes responsible behaviour towards health and the environment in the broadest sense of the word and open communication with stakeholders and the public. It involves the introduction of good practices, usually through management systems, in particular in the field of safety and health at work, environmental protection and the careful and safe handling of chemical products from "cradle to grave" or "cradle to cradle”, which is in line with the model of a circular economy.

Materiality matrix
Materiality matrix

organisational chart of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana
Organisational chart of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana

Strategic sustainable development is the responsibility of the management. The Sustainable Development methodology is managed by the Sustainable Development, Quality and Safety.