Petrol Power d.o.o.

The company is engaged in the production and distribution of electricity.

Basic information

Responsible person

Aleš Weiss (since 26 November 2020)

Activities of the company

Intrade energija d.o.o.  Sarajevo  became  a  subsidiary of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana when the company IG Investicijski inženiring, d.o.o. was merged into Petrol d.d., Ljubljana. It was renamed Petrol Power d.o.o. in January 2020. The company produces and distributes electricity. In 2021, the group generated EUR 750.8 thousand in sales revenue. Its net loss for 2021 totalled EUR -202.3 thousand. The net loss attributable to Petrol d.d., Ljubljana amounted to EUR -201.8 thousand.
The company's equity totalled EUR -1.9 million as at 31 December 2021.


Petrol Power d.o.o.

Tešanjska 24a, 71000 Sarajevo