CyberSEAS – the cybersecurity of electrical power and energy systems

The international pilot project "Cybersecurity in the Electrical Power and Energy System" will protect the electrical power system from disruptions that result from cyber-attacks, legacy systems and the ever-increasing connectivity of the energy infrastructure.

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Basic project information

Project duration: 1 October 2022 to 30 September 2024
Project value: EUR 10,067,121.25
Amount of co-financing: EUR 7,999,113.64

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Improving the resilience of the energy supply chains

The CyberSEAS project, funded by the European Union, improves the cybersecurity of Europe’s Electrical Power and Energy Systems (EPES). In this project, we participate in a pilot, where approaches and tools for improving the platform for offering balancing services in the electrical power system are examined.

The project will improve the overall resilience of the energy supply chains and will protect them from disruptions that take advantage of enhanced interactions, expanded stakeholder and consumer engagement models as channels for complex cyber-attacks, the presence of legacy systems and the increasing connectivity of energy infrastructures, data warehouses and service vendors.

Aim of the project

An open and extensible ecosystem of security solutions

CyberSEAS provides an open and extensible ecosystem of 30 flexible security solutions that provide effective support for key operations.

These include:
•    Risk assessment
•    Interaction with end-devices
•    Secure development and implementation
•    Real-time security monitoring
•    Improving skills and raising awareness
•    Certification, management and cooperation

CyberSEAS solutions are validated through trial campaigns involving more than 100 attack scenarios and are tested in three laboratories before being transferred to one of the six pilot infrastructures in six European countries. Out of 30 solutions, 20 will reach TRL8+ and 10 will reach TRL7.   

An important step towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

With its strategy until 2025, Petrol is committed to a decisive energy transition in order to co-create a green future. This cannot be done without safe electrical power systems that will help us fulfil our vision: supporting the energy transition to a low-carbon society and the development of new technologies to transform established methods for the production, sale and use of energy products.