The goals of the project are the electrification of public transport in Koper and Maribor, the development of mobility services and the development of charging infrastructure for electric and compressed natural gas vehicles in Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia.

Basic project information

Project duration: 1 May 2018 to 31 December 2024

Project value: EUR 53,074,947

Amount of co-financing: EUR 10,614,989

Funded by the European Union - Connecting Europe Facility (CEF; CINEA)

Share of EU co-financing: 20%

The participants are, among others:
  • Petrol d.d., Ljubljana, consortium lead partner  
  • Petrol d.o.o., Zagreb 
  • NOMAGO Storitve mobilnosti in potovanj d.o.o. 
  • Arriva, družba za prevoz potnikov, d.o.o. 
  • Municipalities of Koper, Celje and Maribor 

Project description

A comprehensive package of e-mobility services and alternative fuel infrastructure

The overall goal of the MULTI-E project is to provide multiple solutions for clean transport that together form a paradigm shift in sustainable transport.

In the course of the project, the existing public transport line will be upgraded with the transition to clean fuels. In addition, multimodality will be increased through new services offering innovative, low-carbon transport.

About 50 million euros of investments are planned for the project over five years, which are intended for the construction of the charging infrastructure.

European Strategy For Low-Emission Mobility

The European Strategy for Low-Emission Mobility asserts that the way mobility is organized is changing due to new technologies, business models and mobility patterns, as evidenced by the rapid expansion of the collaborative economy in the mobility sector. Mobility is increasingly driven by demand, which leads to the more optimal use of transport resources.

A multimodal transport system supports this change and plays a key role in the EU's approach to low-emission mobility. Therefore, public intervention is needed to encourage this change.

Aim of the project

An integrated network of multimodal mobility services

MULTI-E is part of the so-called Global Project, which aims to create a network connecting 12 major cities in the region with more than 50,000 inhabitants, and to establish e-buses in these cities. In the process, approximately 450 bus lines will be electrified, replacing almost 1,500 diesel buses. In addition, e-MaaS services will be introduced in 15 major cities in the region, such as the sharing of e-cars.

The focus is on the Baltic-Adriatic corridor, with branches to Zagreb, the Mediterranean and the Rhine-Danube corridor. The project will be implemented in nine cities located in the aforementioned corridors and four central hubs. Construction of more than 500 stations for compressed natural gas is planned, with a special emphasis on Slovenia and Croatia.

Planned activities in the project

  • Upgrading existing public transport services by transitioning to new clean fuels as a key element in phasing out conventionally fuelled vehicles in cities by 2050. The partial electrification of public transport in Koper and Maribor, and of intercity transport to and from Ljubljana. 
  • Introducing new services that offer innovative, emission-free transport options through e-car sharing, e-taxi and other services.  
  • Introducing smart technologies that integrate multiple clean mobility services into platforms for public sharing, e-taxi and fleet management. 
  • Expansion of the network of charging infrastructure for electric and compressed natural gas vehicles in cities and on highways.

An important step towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

With its strategy until 2025, Petrol is committed to a decisive energy transition in order to co-create a green future. This includes the future of road transport. The development of new solutions in the field of electric mobility constitutes an important pillar of Petrol's sustainable and innovative business. These include setting up, managing and maintaining the infrastructure for the charging of electric vehicles, as well as providing the charging service.