The future is electric. Are you ready for it? Choose the comprehensive business solution of e-mobility at Petrol, for the easiest transition to carbon-free traffic.

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At Petrol we do not only follow the newest trends, wishes and needs of all involved in road traffic; as one of the very first in the region we are also playing an active part in the transition to electrical mobility, joined by you, our clients. 

We support companies in implementing driving that is cost efficient, with fewer emissions, and help local communities establish sustainable road traffic, a key element in the development of Smart Cities.

We offer professional assistance in the planning and roll-out of e-charging stations, and help in the gradual transition to e-mobility by offering a comprehensive e-mobility service that spans from the operative lease of e-vehicles to fleet management and assistance to end users.


Vehicle as a Service

The operative lease of electric vehicles has proved an excellent solution for all companies in need of a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly fleet without high investment costs.

Vehicle as a Service at Petrol encompasses more than just car lease. We take care of everyting for you, from analyzing your requirements and recommending and ordering vehicles, to all operative costs and vehicle pickup procedures. During the rental, the vehicles will remain in our property, meaning that you will avoid any maintenance and sales-related risks.

Petrol's Vehicle as a Service includes:
Vehicle financing YES
Vehicle registration YES
Comprehensive insurance YES
Regular and extraordinary maintenance YES
Summer and winter tires YES
Changing and storing of tires YES
24 / 7 user support and replacement vehicle YES
Charging plan at Petrol charging infrastructure Optional
Annual toll vignette Optional

Fleet management and maintenance

Companies and local communities can enjoy a comprehensive service of electric fleet management and maintenance, considerably relieving the administrative burdens faced, as well as lowering costs and optimizing processes.

We keep your e-fleet safe, be it a matter of regular checkups, vehicle breakdowns, road accidents or any other issues in the comfortable use of your electric vehicle.

Electric fleet management and maintenance Premium package Premium + package
Management of registration extensions and annual technical check-ups YES YES
Replacement vehicle during repairs, maintenance, technical check-ups and tire changes YES YES
Transport of vehicle to location for maintenance, technical check-ups and tire changes YES YES
Management of damage cases YES YES
Internal and external vehicle cleaning - YES
Fluid level check-up and top-up - YES
Tire pressure check-up - YES
Windshield wiper sweeper change - YES

Charging and end user assistance

Our e-charging network of over 100 locations is the largest in Slovenia. In it, end users can charge their vehicles by using Petrol's Electromobility Card or the online and mobile application OneCharge. In case of issues, Petrol is the only company to offer 24/7 end user support, provided by our call centre experts.

The entire charging system has been designed to be it easily connectable with other suppliers in our ever-expanding network, making business travels abroad a breeze.

Charging infrastructure roll-out and management

Petrol's charging infrastructure roll-outs are planned to perfectly meet company requirements or the needs of the local community.

Choose between standard and fast electric charging stations in accordance with your profile of vehicle use. Lower investment and operation costs and charge vehicles at night or when parked on your lot. 

Your e-charging stations, managed by Petrol in their entirety, are included in our charging network of over 100 locations, the largest in Slovenia, with any errors in operation resolved within 48 hours.

  • Largest network
  • Reliable operation
  • Constant supervision

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