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Our lab is trusted by both Slovenian and foreign partners because of its reliability and professionalism.

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Laboratory Petrol is the Central Slovene oil laboratory. It fulfils its essential tasks by ensuring comprehensive and reliable testing services, which are fit for purposes and meet the customer requirements.

The Laboratory operates in compliance with the standard EN ISO/IEC 17025, it has adopted all technical and safety requirements and is well equipped with modern test equipment complying with specifications relevant to the tests.

The main Laboratory activity is testing and analysing petroleum products, lubricants and chemical products in accordance with standard test methods prescribed by national and international standards, specifications and technical regulations.

The quality of laboratory services, primarily reflected in accuracy and precision of test and analysis results, is achieved by quality assurance in all areas of laboratory work. Furthermore, for satisfying the needs of laboratory's internal and external customers requiring formal recognition of the laboratory's competence for performing activities of testing in the field of petroleum products including fuels, lubricants and solvents, and in the field of chemical products, the Laboratory Petrol also obtained accreditation granted by the Slovene Accreditation (SA).

The Petrol d.d., Ljubljana - Petrol Laboratory is accredited by Slovenian Accreditation with accreditation number LP-002 in the field of testing (SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025).

Tests available for:
  • liquid fuels
  • lubricants and related products
  • fuel and lubricant additives
  • petroleum-based solvents
  • waste oils
  • oils and fluids for heat transfer
  • brake fluids
  • cooling fluids
  • fluids for solar systems
  • car care products

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Laboratory Petrol

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