Liquified natural gas

Liquified natural gas is one of the cleanest fuels, an environmentally friendly energy product with many advantages, significantly contributing to a low-carbon society.  


The use of liquified natural gas or LNG dates back to the year 1970; since then, the global use of the energy source has increased a hundredfold. 

The advantages of natural gas in its liquified form, boasting very low temperatures, can primarily be seen in transport. This is because large quantities of energy can be stored in small spaces, with supply where no pipelines exist, via transport by maritime logistics routes. 

Cleaner energy and a greater transport vehicle range
Compressed natural gas Liquified natural gas Diesel
Area of use Industry, transport, remote heating systems, heating Transport and storage for peak demand
Storage High pressure and normal temperature Normal pressure and low temperature
Energy value (MJ/kg) 49.53 46.13 43
Price (€/kg) 0.92 1.255 1.449
Price(€/kWh) 0.067 0.098 0.1212
Source: Laboratory for heat piston machines at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, and own calculations. Energy prices as of March 13, 2017.

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