Natural gas

Natural gas is the versatile fuel of the future, supporting a low initial investment and boasting long operational life of devices. Turn to Petrol to supply it for your company at favourable conditions.

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Natural gas is one of the least polluting energy sources, distinguished by its steady heat, long appliance lifetime, low price and highest long-term savings when it comes to total investment - the cost of the boiler along with the cost of maintenance and price of fuel.

Natural gas is used for heating, cooling and cooking, as well as the production of electricity and for combined heat and power production. Natural gas is also used as an energy product in technological processes and as a raw material in the chemical industry.

Petrol provides business customers with natural gas at extremely competitive terms of delivery and supply, perfectly tailored to your needs.

Contractual models of energy supply

We help cities roll out gas pipeline networks under the contractual model of concession or through a public-private partnership, securing both the realibility of supply and the network.

Small business customers with an annual consumption of up to 10,000 Sm3 are supported with supply at prices applicable to household customers, while large-scale companies are suppored by a comprehensive and favorable offer for the use of natural gas.

Highest long-term savings
In 10 years of operating of a heating system, the use of natural gas will ensure by far the best savings compared to other fuels. A building with a surface of 180m 2, of the energy class E, which uses a natural gas boiler for heating, will feature significantly higher savings than the same building using wood biomass.

10-year savings when changing the boiler:

Natural gas


Air /water heat pump

Fuel oil

€ 10,961

€ 6,648

€ 6,272

€ 45

Source:  Study of investement in replacing a building and sanitary water heating system (2018). Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. The calculations apply to a house with a 180msurface area.