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Planning, implementation and maintenance of your projects are in good hands with our technical experts.

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Petrol offers a range of technical services, from construction of service stations, laboratory services and a range of various measurements, to maintenance of energy facilities, service stations and storage facilities for petroleum products. Together with its associate companies and contractual partners, the Petrol Group also performs oil and gas tank cleaning and maintenance services for both companies and private households.

Our associate company Petrol Technology offers its customers a wide range of services in the energy field.

They specialize in two areas:

  • work at service stations, where they provide all necessary equipment for handling fuel,
  • installing gas lines in residential areas as well as household gas hook-ups and gas boilers.

The Petrol laboratory operates as an independent and neutral institution, which due to its modern equipment and numerous services, which it performs not only for its parent company but also for external clients, has earned the title of Slovenia’s central petroleum laboratory.

Construction of service stations

Service stations are industrial structures for which the level of construction is extremely important.

Internal petrol service

For internal service we recommend Tokheim high-quality dispensing systems. These systems have all the required certificates and are completely in conformance with Slovene legislation.

Gas, steam and hot water networks

The basic characteristic of gas, steam and hot water networks is their size, since the construction projects often cover entire settlements or parts of towns.

Boiler plants and heat transfer stations

The greatest amount of energy consumed in buildings is used for heating. Therefore, a sufficiently large boiler plant and suitable construction are essential for optimal energy consumption.


Modern organizations aim at increased specialization in the line of work which brings them their principal profits, and therefore the decision to involve engineering is becoming increasingly popular. These organizations want to find a company which is capable of organizing or even carrying out complete investment projects for known clients.

Service station maintenance

Maintenance of service stations is a serious organizational challenge, since it is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of various highly specific pieces of equipment (e.g. pump systems or gauges for measuring the amount of fuel in tanks) as well as standard equipment (such as doors).

Petroleum tank cleaning

When using petroleum tanks one must be aware that sediments gradually build up on the bottom of the tank, which can clog fuel filters and even fuel nozzles. Therefore, regular cleaning of tanks is recommended.

Maintenance of Ex equipment

Industrial processes in which explosive or flammable substances are used must be performed using equipment which does not create sparks (explosion-proof equipment).

Petroleum product storage facilities

Modern facilities for storage of petroleum products are systems which due to environmental and fire dangers must be maintained with the highest possible level of safety and reliability.

Maintenance of energy facilities

Large energy systems are very important to their environment. They generally supply energy to a large number of people, and the breakdown of heating systems in the middle of winter is a true catastrophe. Therefore, it is important that large energy supply systems are well maintained.

Flow measurements

When pumping fluids, the question constantly arises of the accuracy of the measuring device being used, especially in cases of payment for the amount pumped. Measurement devices must indicate precise amounts.

Tyre pressure gauges

Vehicle safety depends to a great extent on properly inflated tyres. We use manometers to measure tyre pressure. Slovene legislation precisely defines how these devices must be inspected and who may perform the inspections.

Testing of fuel tanks

According to law, all owners of storage tanks for flammable or dangerous substances must have them tested for leaks and the appertaining equipment inspected.

Measurements of work areas and equipment

Pursuant to Slovene legislation, all legal entities in Slovenia must have their work equipment inspected in order to prevent workplace injuries.

Inspections of pressure vessels

Owners of pressure vessels which according to the Rules on the examination and testing of pressure equipment are considered as having a high level or low level of danger must obtain a certificate of vessel soundness and carry out regular inspections for all such vessels.

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