Virtual power plant

For a reliable, stable and fast adaptation of electricity consumption. With a monthly financial compensation for producers.

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Its customers are, in the largest share, industrial end users in need of smart surplus and power shortage management, without distribution network overloads.

Advantages of a virtual power plant
  • A technically accomplished, simple and reliable solution for adjusting electricity consumption. When an increased level in the need for electrical energy is foreseen by the consumption forecast, the parties able to produce the additional electrical power required are activated. When detecting an increased level of excess electrical energy in the network that could cause fluctuations and result in network instability, parties able to consume this excess are activated.
  • Reduction of network load, allowing users to ensure the reliability of all devices, plugged into the electrical network.
  • Portfolio optimization: easier management of excess energy and financial stimulation in the form of a monthly compensation.
  • Reliability of energy supply when activation is required.

Connecting diffuse sources with consumers

As an element of Smart Grids, a virtual power plant will connect diffuse production resources with consumers. This makes it possible to adjust the consumption and production of electricity and, most importantly, increase the stability of the energy system.

On the market, the connected production sources will behave as a whole, with the management of individual resource availability, the management of surpluses and the requirement forecasts constantly underway in the background.

Operational basis of a virtual power plant

Communication between VE.TER and device suppliers.

Informing participants in the virtual power plant about the beginning and the end of the adjustment of consumption.

Collecting input data for the VE.TER application and installation of communication control devices.

Informing participants in the virtual power plant of availability.

Quick activation

Used within the virtual power plant as a production unit are backup power supplies - aggregates. By incorporating them into a virtual power plant, they are used better and are no longer inactive.

By connecting to the platform, aggregates emit electricity into it. Their key advantage is that when needing to adapt the load to the network, they can be activated in a very short time. At the same time, it is also possible to monitor and review the involved stakeholders and their impact.

Web application and monthly compensation

The providers of consumption adjustment receive a monthly compensation for participating in the virtual power plant, regardless of whether they had been activated in the current month or not. In the event of activation, they also receive a payment for customized energy.

All virtual power plant clients have access to a web application that displays the current or reference power. Due to its many functionalities, the virtual power plant as a generator can remotely control the consumer and provides up-to-date information about the current state of the consumer and consumption itself.

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