The Supervisory Board Approves the 2019 Business Plan

Ljubljana, 13 December 2018 – At its 21st meeting held today, the Supervisory Board of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana discussed and approved the Business Plan of the Petrol Group for 2019.

In addition, Petrol d.d., Ljubljana informs the public concerned that Supervisory Board members Nada Drobne Popović, Sašo Berger, Metod Podkrižnik, Sergij Goriup, Mladen Kaliterna, Igo Gruden, Zoran Gračner, Alen Mihelčič and Robert Ravnikar signed a special statement in which they addressed their meeting of each independence criterion laid down in Appendix B of the Slovene Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies. Based on the disclosures given in the statements of all Supervisory Board members and additional explanations provided by them, the Supervisory Board deemed that the disclosures about potential conflicts of interest were not of such character to influence the impartial and objective performance of the tasks or decision making of any member of the Supervisory Board.

The statements will be made available on the Company’s website.

Nada Drobne Popović 
President of the Supervisory Board 

Tomaž Berločnik 
President of the Management Board


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mag. Barbara Jama Živalič

Head of Investor Relations