New Petrol business building

A modern business environment requires constant change, adaptation and growth of companies. The company Petrol has been growing for more than 70 years and the time has come when the existing office building does not follow the pace of the company’s development. In order to cope with its future challenges, the company needs a building that will be a functional and aesthetic surplus built in accordance with sustainability criteria and will attract attention at home and the broader region or European space. The winning solution of the demanding architectural and urban design competition of the new Petrol office building will enable the company to continue to grow in line with the set strategy. Become a part of the future today and discover the NEW PETROL OFFICE BUILDING!

On 18 July 2019, the Ljubljana City Hall hosted the exhibition opening of the arrived works of the International Architectural Competition for the new Petrol business building. The people present were addressed by the President of the Petrol Management Board, MA Tomaž Berločnik, deputy mayor of Ljubljana, prof. Janez Koželj, president of the competition commission, Boris Podrecca and the winners of the competition, architectural bureau ENOTA d.o.o.

Winners of the competition, architectural bureau ENOTA d.o.o.

President of the competition commission, Boris Podrecca

Architectural bureau ENOTA d.o.o.

Petrol and Ljubljana at the beginning of one of the most ambitious and futuristic architectural projects on the European scale

The new Petrol business building will provide facilities that will enable a culture of integration and cooperation, as well as a healthy, stimulating and innovative working environment in which employees will be able to develop their potential. It is a futuristic building that will be capable of creating conditions for very different and constantly changing contents and activities, business processes and activities that are yet unknown to today's business environments. These activities will be the result of new discoveries, practices and knowledge in the near or distant future. So there comes more than just an business building that Petrol is considering today, for tomorrow.

The exhibition in the central atrium of the Ljubljana City Hall on Mestni trg 1 can be viewed until August 1, 2019. All the designs of the competition are published below.

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