Response to the request by SDH, d.d.

Petrol d.d., Ljubljana was requested by shareholder Slovene Sovereign Holding, acting on the initiative of shareholder Republic of Slovenia, to provide information and clarification concerning the signing of a memorandum between the companies Petrol d.d., Ljubljana and PJSC T Plus. 

It has already been reported in the media that Petrol d.d., Ljubljana signed a non-binding memorandum with the company PJSC T Plus on 11 September 2019, in the framework of the Slovenia-Russia Intergovernmental Commission. Before signing the above memorandum, Petrol d.d., Ljubljana screened the company PJSC T Plus and its shareholders. It was established that none of them were included in a Slovene or a European sanctions list.

After carrying out its internal procedures, Petrol d.d., Ljubljana signed on 11 September 2019 the aforementioned memorandum with the company PJSC T Plus. The parties agreed to examine the possibilities for mutual business cooperation to optimise heat distribution systems owned or managed by PJSC T Plus. No concrete transactions or contracts to carry out a transaction took place.

Management Board of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana
Date: 21.02.2020

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mag. Barbara Jama Živalič

Head of Investor Relations