Coaching culture among the best Slovenian practices

For the eighth year in a row, AmCham Slovenia is looking for and rewarding the best business practices through the Best of the Best programme. Petrol was among this year’s winners, presenting their coaching programme in the Motivation section. The coaching culture was presented to a wider audience at an online event on Thursday, 6 May 2021, and Petrol’s colours were represented at the event by Maja Vovko and Tilen Abraham, Education and HR Development at Petrol.

At Petrol, they know that their coaching culture is the best innovative practice in the Slovenian business community, and they presented it as such on Thursday, 6 May 2021, at the online event Motivacija, as part of the Best of the Best programme organised by AmCham Slovenia. The coaching practice, which has been implemented at Petrol for several years, was presented by Maja Vovko and Tilen Abraham, from Education and HR Development, who said, “It was a great honour to present a project that we truly believe in. It is of course encouraging to see that our efforts and motivation are recognised externally. But what touched us the most were the messages from our coaches and trainers – what meant the most to us was that they watched the presentation and felt proud and happy, because they are the real heart of coaching. Now we have even more momentum to develop the project! We have already launched the Sales Minute to strengthen sales skills, and we will be expanding the coach network next.” 

In addition to the coaching culture, viewers of the Motivation online event were also able to learn about PwC’s Be Well, Work Well and Bankart’s practices, called Employee Development Process through the Introduction of Career Managers. The latter project was also awarded the title of the best of the best.  

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