Collected supplies to cheer up many children on a seaside holiday

Before this summer, the employees of Petrol, together with the Ljubljana Moste-Polje Friends of Youth Association, decided to come together and organise the Energy of the Heart – Become a Petrol Sea Fairy campaign. In this campaign, collection points were set up all over Slovenia, where, between 21 and 30 June, supplies for the children who are taken to the seaside every year during the summer holidays were collected. After the campaign, the collected supplies were taken to the ZPM Ljubljana Moste-Polje, where, with a smile on their faces and warm words, they expressed their gratitude for every single item collected. 

It’s almost impossible to imagine summer at Petrol without the heartfelt campaigns they run together with the Ljubljana Moste-Polje Association of Friends of Youth. And this year was no different. As early as the beginning of June, they began to hatch the idea of collecting supplies for children who spend a few days of their summer holidays at the seaside, all over Slovenia. These are children from socially weaker families who come to these holidays with almost nothing. That is why they joined forces and, with the help of Heart Coordinators, collected supplies for the trip to the seaside at various locations around Slovenia between 21 and 30 June. Everything collected at the locations was then taken to ZPM Ljubljana Moste-Polje on Monday, 5 July. They were again helped by Gold Ekspress. At ZPM Ljubljana Moste-Polje, specifically in the warehouse, they were greeted by Živa Logar, the coordinator of the Good People Chain project, and Sandra Luzar Bjedić, who oversees the warehouse, and they couldn’t hide their excitement at the sight of the collected supplies.

* * *
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