Petrol receives the European Quality Trademark (EQTM) for its latest Q Max family of fuels

On 1 June 2022, Petrol became one of the first energy companies in Europe to receive the European quality certificate EQTM, awarded by the European Organization for Quality (EOQ), for the Q Max family of fuels. Q Max fuels are distinguished by their outstanding quality, technological sophistication and reliability under all conditions of use, while their lower emissions also make them more environmentally friendly. The certificate serves as a confirmation of Petrol Group’s continuous efforts to develop more advanced fuels with lower emissions. As Slovenia’s leading energy company, Petrol is always striving to offer customers the broadest range of fuels and energy products, and thus the option of choice, regardless of which technologies and solutions will prevail in the future.  

For some time now, Petrol has been actively involved in the processes of global transformation dictated by increasingly strict environmental requirements and thus the need for more sustainable energy solutions. Transport is one of the fastest-growing industries, so finding and implementing new fuel solutions is one of the biggest and most important challenges to reduce environmental impacts. Today, new development trends in fuels are aimed primarily at the use of renewable and more sustainable sources, while meeting all the requirements imposed by new engine technologies. 

Conventional petroleum fuels as we know them today are increasingly being replaced or supplemented by new forms of more environmentally friendly energy products, made wholly or partially from renewable sources, known as alternative fuels. By far the most widespread and tested are the use of biofuels (biodiesel, biogas) and electricity, which also include fuels that, although still of fossil origin, have a lower environmental impact than conventional petroleum fuels (natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas). It is in this period of transition that solutions to reduce the environmental impacts of the still most widely used petroleum fuels are of great importance. This was also one of the major elements that influenced the decision to award the EQTM certificate for the Q Max family of fuels.     

In line with the commitment set out in its strategy for 2025, Petrol strives to offer customers fuels of the highest quality, both technologically and in terms of compliance with the strictest environmental standards. More than a decade ago, Petrol partnered with one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of fuel additives – Afton Chemical from the UK. Together, they have developed modern fuels for diesel and petrol engines, marketed by Petrol under the Q Max brand. Over the years, these fuels have been regularly upgraded and adapted to new fuel solutions, as well as to new requirements from engine manufacturers. In a relatively short period of time, Petrol has managed to build a high-quality and recognisable brand that ranks alongside the products of the most prestigious fuel providers on the European market.

Q Max fuels include state-of-the-art fuel additive solutions that significantly reduce the emissions of harmful substances into the environment, even when using conventional petroleum fuels. Using them results in reduced fuel consumption, which indirectly increases the energy efficiency of the engine. Their modern set of additives also ensures high operational reliability and extended engine life. As the latest product from the Q Max family, Q Max iQ Diesel also incorporates state-of-the-art bio-based components that considerably reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to conventional diesel. Q Max fuels are under constant professional supervision to ensure they remain of the same consistent quality regardless of the market they are available on.  

The process of obtaining EQTM 

“Receiving the EQTM certificate is also an important recognition for Petrol as a company, as it verifies compliance with the requirements for achieving product quality and the requirements for the successful business operations of the company. As Slovenia’s leading energy company, Petrol is always striving to offer customers the broadest range of fuels and energy products, and thus the option of choice, regardless of which technologies and solutions will prevail in the future,” said Jože Smolič, Member of the Management Board of Petrol, upon receiving the certificate. 

To qualify for the certificate, the product has to be at least three years on the market, its quality characteristics must be constantly improved in line with customer expectations, it must be at least 60% European sourced, and the revenues generated from its sales must be realised with at least three different customers. Furthermore, the product must be developed by the company and customer satisfaction must be regularly monitored and achieve a result of at least 90% satisfied customers. There are also special requirements for the company: it must be registered in Europe, have positive business results (EBITDA), and its financial obligations must be settled, including any legal disputes. The product must also be manufactured according to national and international legislation and standards. The company must have implemented a Quality Management System (QMS), as evidenced by a valid ISO 9001 or similar globally recognised quality certificate.

European Quality Trademark (EQTM)
The EQTM certificate is awarded by the European Organization for Quality (EOQ). Only products that meet the above requirements can be certified. 

European Organization for Quality (EOQ)
The European Organization for Quality is based in Brussels. It is one of the oldest and highest respected quality organisations in Europe. The process of obtaining the EQTM is managed and controlled by the EQTM Committee, which ensures that only products that meet all the requirements receive the EQTM certificate.

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