Waste water treatment

At Petrol we manage 4 concessions for municipal wastewater treatment. The treatment plant in Murska Sobota has a capacity of 42,000 PE, in Sežana 6,000 PE, at Ig 5,000 PE and in Mežica 4,200 PE. As an important partner at Aquasystems d.o.o., we are involved in the treatment of municipal wastewater in Maribor with a capacity of 190,000 PE.

Municipal wastewater treatment plants, which we operate, treat wastewater through various stages to the extent that it is suitable for discharge into the watercourse or the environment. The treated water is partially reused in the technological cleaning process, namely for washing mechanical equipment such as coarse and fine wakes, machine sludge thickening, flocculant preparation and for surface cleaning. After use, the process water is collected in the internal sewage system and re-treated at the municipal treatment plant.

In 2020, we treated 3,275,873 m3 of municipal wastewater.

Story of sustainability : Wastewater treatment