Optimization of water infrastructure

We have a wealth of experience with complete solutions of cost-effective design, construction, renovation, maintenance and management of production sources, distribution and potable water use. With services on water networks we help increase energy and environmental efficiency, reduce water losses and increase compliance and health suitability of potable waters in 5 countries in the region (Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania). We cooperate with 13 major potable water supply systems.

Increasing the efficiency and economy of drinking water supply is one of the important efforts of European countries. At Petrol, we have developed the DISNet-WS service, which enables operators and decision-makers to dynamically monitor the KPIs of the efficiency of drinking water supply management by digitising the water supply system. With the support of digital twins and KPIs, the energy and environmental efficiency of water supply operations and the efficiency of water loss management are improved. This ensures greater operational safety and reduces the risks of compliance and health suitability of drinking water from the water source to the point of consumption at the user.

In 2019 and 2020, we successfully acquired and implemented several projects in the field of the digitalisation of water supply system management in Slovenia. As part of the ELENA project that is co-funded by the EBRD, we conducted a water supply digitalisation study in the management area of Komunala Novo mesto, updated the telemetry system and upgraded the management control centre. As part of the DP-DEUP integrated energy management project, we established digital twins in KP Ptuj and KP Idrija and developed the concept of a system for efficient monitoring and dynamic management of electricity consumption. We participated in the development of the conceptual design for the Upper Vipava Valley irrigation project. We successfully support projects for the digitalisation of water supply management in Komunala Kranj, Mariborski vodovod and Komunalno podjetje Trbovlje. We have concluded multi-year contracts with JP VOKA SNAGA Ljubljana and Komunalno podjetje Velenje for the support and updating of our digital solutions.

In Croatia, we have acquired and implemented the first project at Međimurske Vode where we used the DISNet-WS services to digitise their water supply system operation in real time. This has helped us to increase energy and environmental efficiency and reduce water losses. In Montenegro, we successfully implemented a pilot project to reduce water losses in ViK Podgorica, where we have established a system of control over water losses in two water supply areas. We successfully implemented a similar project in Arad (Romania) where we, in addition to the water supply system digitalisation study, carried out a pilot project for the control of water losses. In Bulgaria, we implemented the DISNet-WS Tango platform in Sofiyska Voda, which is intended for monitoring water losses in real time.

We have digitised real-time management for our customers and optimised more than 10,000 km of water supply network with more than 1,200,000 users and more than 280,000 water meters, which together produce and distribute over 117 million m3 of drinking water, and reduced water losses by 3.5 million 3.5 million per year.

Optimization of water infrastructure

At Petrol, we have developed the DISNet-WS (Digital Intelligent Smart Networks - Water Supply) service, which enables cost-effective planning of the development and renovation of an existing plumbing system, optimization and control of construction (new sections, reconstructions ...) and efficient real-time management and maintenance. It is possible to calculate static and dynamic performance indicators (KPIs) that form the link between the processes of managing water supply systems and areas for assessing the performance of service delivery (security, quality, customer support, sustainability, efficiency). 

Plumbing system management, supported by a modern system and established performance indicators, helps improve energy and environmental performance, NRW, and CARL. 

Improved efficiency of the water supply system ensures greater operational safety, reducing the risks in ensuring the compliance and health suitability of potable water on the distribution route from the water source to the receiving point at the user. 

DISNet-WS services help increase energy and environmental performance, reduce water losses, and increase the compliance and health suitability of potable water in 3 countries in the region (Slovenia, Italy and Romania). We cooperate with 12 major potable water supply systems (Ljubljana, Maribor, Kranj, Velenje, Murska Sobota, Novo mesto, Trbovlje, Postojna, Idrija, Ptuj, Novara, Arad). 
Together, we help our customers optimize the production and distribution of more than 70 million m3 of potable water in real time.  This water would fill up  approximately 28,000 Olympic pools.