As one of the central energy companies in Slovenia and SE European countries, Petrol Group is a protagonist of the transition to a low carbon society. We are strategically increasing our own electricity production from renewable energy sources, contributing to increasing energy independence and, with a comprehensive offer of energy and environmental solutions for cities, businesses and households, improving energy efficiency. We are increasing the share of cleaner energy and are among the engines of the transition to sustainable mobility.

We generated 98.5 GWh of electricity from renewable energy sources (water, wind, sun, biowaste, biomass) in 2020. With energy management, we reduce energy use for our own business in the long run. In 2020 it was 39.7 GWh (in Slovenia). We are pleased that our production of green energy significantly exceeds the energy consumption for our activity in Slovenia. In the future, the surplus of production over use will continue to increase.

We approach energy efficiency in the construction and renovation of service stations and other facilities in a multidisciplinary fashion in Petrol. We incorporate the most efficient solutions into each facility in terms of invested funds. Our facilities are cost-effective, reducing the use of energy and natural resources, and thus the impact on the environment.

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