Green service stations (points of sale)

With 319 sales points in Slovenia, of which 94 with LPG, Petrol has a 57% market share. We have a leading position in transit routes with a focus on highway locations, key urban and border locations. We have 105 electric charging stations, 72 of which are conventional and 33 fast. An integrated security system is in place everywhere.

By the end of 2017, the retail network of the Petrol Group grew to 495 service stations. Of these, 317 are in Slovenia, 106 in Croatia, 38 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 12 in Serbia, 11 in Kosovo and 11 in Montenegro. The services of the service stations are complemented by 136 car washes, 161 bars, more than 60 charging stations for electric vehicles and 8 fast TIP STOP services. We offer LPG at 219 service stations and we have over 80 charging stations and 1 hydrogen station.

You can see the exact network and specific offer at a particular service station here.

Facilities are economically efficient, reducing the use of energy and natural resources. The new service stations are architecturally innovative since they are built according to the principles of sustainable construction. Existing service stations and car washes are becoming more energy-efficient. We glaze cooling sales areas and thus increase energy efficiency, we also integrate energy efficient heat pumps. We get a renewable energy source on the roofs of some service stations. For more energy efficiency and reduced light pollution, we modernize the interior and exterior lighting of service stations.

The service stations with the latest fuel dispensers are equipped with a vapour recovery system. We have double skin underground tanks, which leak proof is under constant control. At all service stations, we have a closed fuel transfer system. The gas stations are equipped with containers for the separate collection of waste. We are introducing technologies that reduce drinking water consumption. The water for the car washes is recycled, the wastewater is cleaned through small wastewater treatment plants where the connection to the sewage system is not possible. We introduced the sale of fresh fruit and vegetables and established the possibility of e-order of Fresh products. The index of general customer satisfaction with Petrol's service stations is high.

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