Petrol manages ground pollution risk with comprehensive technical, organisational, and preventive measures in fuel storage and transportation.

In terms of our activity, the greatest risk for soil pollution is represented by potential spills of petroleum products. At Petrol, we mitigate such risk by taking appropriate legal, technical, organisational and preventive measures in the field of fuel storage and transport.

In this respect, it is essential to provide constant training – both theoretical and practical – for employees and contractual workers on safety and to carry out regular preventive maintenance of safety-relevant devices. At Petrol, we carry out an assessment of safety management system at least once per year. Based on the assessment, we implement corrective and preventive measures to improve the safety culture at our locations and at Petrol in general.

Remediation of excavated soil
In response to soil pollution with hydrocarbons, we have sought and obtained an opinion in cooperation with experts from Ikema d. o. o., giving us a green light to successfully carry out the remediation of excavation. We have set up a test field for soil processing. The remediation process is based on the physico-chemical and microbiological decomposition of the contaminant (hydrocarbons). The goal of soil remediation is to make the excavation of hydrocarbon-contaminated soil suitable for filler input at construction sites.