At Petrol, we handle waste in a comprehensive manner, consistently comply with the hierarchy of waste management. This affects not only environmental protection but also business economics.

We also place a significant emphasis on prevention of waste generation and separation of waste at their origin. We are implementing the system of waste separation at their origin at all Petrol locations. We separately collect waste oil, waste paper, waste plastics, waste batteries and other dangerous waste. We have containers for separate waste collection at all our service stations. Where there is still a lot of generated mixed municipal waste, we are implementing additional manual sorting. We thus reduce the amount of mixed municipal waste and generate cleaner fractions of waste.

Our goal is to reduce the amount of mixed municipal waste by waste separation, optimisation of number of containers, and appropriate marking at individual location, and to prevent external visitors at rest stop location from disposing of waste such as animal remains, diapers, pieces of furniture, etc.

Fractions of waste generated from cleaning oil separators are collected separately.