Renewable, alternative energy products

In Petrol, in accordance with the legislation on renewable energies in transport, we started to prepare and adapt the sales infrastructure for the introduction of alternative fuels to the points of sale.

On the basis of the European Directive 2014/94/EC, which sets out the conditions for the accelerated introduction of alternative fuels in the segment of transport, the new Regulation on renewable energy sources in transport came into force in October 2016. It replaced the then-existing biofuels regulation and is setting new legal frameworks for the gradual introduction of biofuels on the market as one of the alternative propulsion sources in transport. Accordingly, in Petrol in 2017 we started to prepare and adapt the sales infrastructure for introducing biofuels to points of sale. In doing so, the experience gained from the past and, above all, the best global practices in introducing biofuels into regular use were taken into account.

In this it was crucial:

  • to provide adequate purchasing sources (verification and certification of biodiesel producers),
  • to find and implement solutions that ensure a gradual and for the sales process the least disruptive transition to biofuels (selection of service stations, cleaning of reservoirs, logistics supplies),
  • to anticipate impacts and effects of handling and storage of biofuels (clean biofuels and mixtures with oil-based products),
  • to ensure the complete safety of the use and operation of such fuels at points of sale.