Supporting Slovenian blood donation: Donate Energy for Life!

As the initiator of the Donate Energy for Life nationwide blood donation initiative, we have been joining forces with the Institute of Transfusion Medicine of the Republic of Slovenia and the Slovenian Red Cross since 2011. We inform the public about the importance of blood donation and encourage people to become and remain regular blood donors.

Giving a part of yourself to help the life of another person is surely one of the most beautiful gestures a human being can make. It is an honourable act that asks little of the individual but goes a long way. Regular awareness-raising about blood donation is essential for ensuring sufficient quantities of safe blood, as up to 400 blood donors are needed every working day to cover the daily blood needs of the healthcare system in Slovenia.

The Donate Energy for Life campaign also helps to recruit around 10,000 new blood donors every year. Since the start of the project, over 100,000 blood donors have joined the blood donor family!

Supporting Slovenian blood donation: Donate Energy for Life!

Information website and app for potential blood donors

You can find out more about the Donate Energy for Life blood donation campaign on our website

The page provides up-to-date information on blood stocks and locations and dates of blood donation campaigns, among other things. Potential blood donors can sign up to the blood donor database via the website, and blood donors can sign up via the mobile app. Donate Blood also keeps track of your blood donation calendar.

In 2016, we also developed the Can I Donate? web app, which allows you to quickly and reliably check whether you are eligible to donate blood. The purpose of the app is to protect your health and the health of the recipient, and to save you unnecessary travel.

We keep you up-to-date on the latest blood donation news via our Facebook page and Instagram profile, and from 2022 onwards on TikTok as well.

Communication Excellence Award

For our social benefit campaign Donate Energy for Life we received the national professional award Prizma 2011, awarded by the Slovenian Society for Public Relations for excellence in communication programmes implemented, in the category of comprehensive social campaigns in the public-non-profit sector.