Petrol takes over Zagorski Metalac

Petrol Group operations are interconnected with two very demanding industries: energy and commerce. The energy industry is one of the most demanding industries and is the basis of industry and transport. In the Petrol Group strategy through 2022, natural gas is an important alternative fuel that supports the transition to a low-carbon society in household, industry and transport needs. The Petrol Group wishes to use its comprehensive solution portfolio to sustainably provide excellent energy at home, on the road and at work. By purchasing Zagorski Metalac we can make this a reality in Croatia.

Zagorski Metalac is a natural gas distributor in Zagreb County and Krapina–Zagorje County. It supplies more than 17,000 end users with an annual consumption of 250,000 MWh of natural gas via its widespread gas distribution network (approximately 830 km). It is one of the ten largest distributors in Croatia. With this purchase, Petrol will begin implementing comprehensive energy programs in Croatia as well.

At the end of December, Petrol and Geoplin jointly purchased an 81% stake in Zagorski Metalac (Petrol 56% and Geoplin 25%). By doing so, the Petrol Group is working towards fulfilling goals set in its strategy through 2022, which calls for developing natural gas supply and distribution in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

Petrol supplies natural gas distribution in the municipalities of Bedekovčina, Krapinske Toplice, Mače, Sveti Križ Začretje, Veliko Trgovišće, Mihovljan (the hamlet of Haramini), Gornja Stubica, Stubičke Toplice, Luka, Bistra and Jakovlje and the cities of Zabok, Krapina (the settlement of Donja Šemnica), Donja Stubica and Oroslavje.

Petrol wishes to become one of the leading regional natural gas suppliers in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. It wants to enable its end users to use the cleanest fossil fuel.

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