Petrol company completes energy renovation of public buildings and gasification in Šmarje pri Jelšah

Energy renovation of public buildings in Šmarje pri Jelšah

The energy renovation project was divided into two segments, depending on whether an individual building was planned to receive a complete energy renovation or an energy efficiency upgrade. Buildings that received a complete energy renovation: the branch primary schools in Šentvid, Mestinje, Sveti Štefan and Zibika, the old school, the central primary school and the health centre.

Depending on the existing condition of the building, the facades were renovated, insulation was installed in the ceilings or roofs, the windows and doors were replaced and exterior shades were installed. Attention was also paid to the even and optimal distribution of heat, and the lighting systems were upgraded through the installation of energy-efficient LED light bulbs. An energy management system was established for the renovated buildings, which will deliver the desired energy savings.

Energy efficiency upgrades were carried out at a library and the sports hall of a primary school. The boiler room at the library was converted to natural gas. At the sports hall, the boiler station and the existing inefficient lighting system were upgraded.

The concession was granted for a period of 15 years. The value of the investment project is just over EUR 1,910,000, of which Petrol’s investment is more than EUR 960,000, with cohesion funds of ca. EUR 730,000 and EUR 299,000 contributed by the municipality. All values are stated exclusive of VAT, which is paid by the private partner.

Contractual savings of heat and electricity amount to ca. 462,000 kWh and nearly 100 tons of CO2

On average this means (for buildings at which complete energy renovations were carried out) 30% of the existing consumption of heat and 25% of the existing consumption of electricity in the buildings. The savings amount to nearly EUR 130,000 (net of VAT), including maintenance, for both types of buildings. The project will allow the municipality to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 100 tons a year, which is the amount absorbed every year by 4,500 trees.

Why energy renovation?

Energy renovation projects are beneficial to all, from partners to end-users. By taking responsibility for the entire energy renovation process, Petrol saves its partners time and money. Energy renovation projects optimise costs and minimise the environmental burden, ensuring optimal energy and water consumption and the desired level of comfort within the building. We are aware that the planet can be preserved for future generations only if we work together to manage our resources.

Gasification in the municipality of Šmarje pri Jelšah

The concession contract for the provision of the local public service of operator of the distribution system for natural gas in the area of the municipality of Šmarje pri Jelšah was signed on 27 February 2018. By signing the contract, Petrol committed to completing the first phase of the gasification project within two months after the obtaining of the construction permit. Since the obtaining of the construction permit was slightly delayed until the beginning of 2019 (easements had to be obtained for all the parcels that the gas lines run through, and all of the consents had to be obtained), the concessionaire Petrol broke ground in May 2019 and finished the work in less than two months.

The gas distribution system for the municipality of Šmarje pri Jelšah is connected to the transmission network via a metering/regulating station, which was built for that purpose in the town of Dvor by Plinovodi d.o.o. The gas line runs through Dvor towards Šmarje, with one branch leading towards the primary school and the other towards the centre of the municipality. Altogether, nearly 6000 metres of gas lines and around 40 connections were installed, including the connecting lines to the buildings.

The first customers have already been connected to the distribution system. The initial customers include municipal buildings, particularly those at which Petrol carried out the renovation of the buildings nearly simultaneously with the gasification project, converting them to natural gas as their primary energy source. Natural gas is an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective energy source.

Petrol plans to deliver 400,000 m3 of natural gas in the first full year (i.e. 2020), and to reach the final maximum distribution level of 720,000 m3 of gas within the next five years. Depending on the response from potential users, Petrol expects not only to reach those levels, but in all likelihood to surpass them.

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