Petrol entering the Russian district energy market

During his visit to Russia on 10 and 11 September 2019, Slovenian Prime Minister Marjan Šarec was accompanied by a business delegation, which also included representatives from Petrol. In cooperation with the T Plus Group, Petrol will work on projects aimed at optimising district energy systems in Russia. The first project will be in Izhevsk. Further, in cooperation with Schneider Electric (SE) Russia, Petrol will set up specialised software and IT support for an automated heating supply control system in Ekaterinburg.

Petrol is the largest provider of comprehensive energy and environmental solutions in Southeast Europe and a circular economy partner promoting the transition to a low-carbon society. The Russian government’s strategic goals focus on the efficient use of primary energy sources and the increased efficiency of district heating and water supply systems. Petrol’s main activities will thus include the optimisation of district heating systems, the optimisation of production and the distribution of drinking water. Petrol’s specialists will be in charge of optimising operating costs (Opex) and investment (Capex), increasing systems’ efficiency, reducing losses in such systems, digitally transforming and digitalising them, and operating them in real time.

Petrol’s CEO, Tomaž Berločnik, had the following to say on this occasion: “We fulfil the goals set by Petrol through the active development of decentralised energy production and environmentally friendly sources, as well as the development of smart cities, factories and networks to provide sustainable and competitive energy and environmental solutions tailored to the user. We’ve therefore prioritized the efficiency and optimisation of high-tech environmental solutions. Our presence is largely influenced by projects focusing on the digitalisation of district heating and water infrastructure, and our ultimate goal is to reduce our carbon footprint and create a better world for us and future generations.”

Memorandum of understanding between the T Plus (T+) Group and Petrol d.d., Ljubljana on district heating system optimisation projects in Russia

The main goal of this memorandum is to forge a partnership and develop a long-term, effective and mutually advantageous cooperation between the T Plus Group, the largest Russian private heat and power supply company, and Petrol d.d., Ljubljana, which is now resolutely entering this market in Russia. The common goal of the memorandum is to implement the agreements on the technical and business optimisation of district heating in regions covered by the T Plus Group.

Petrol has thus offered its expertise, experience and solutions in developing and introducing highly effective and energy-efficient technologies for improving the efficiency of heat supply systems. This agrees with the interests of the T+ Group, which advocates a practical implementation of a large-scale programme for enhancing energy efficiency in the Russian Federation. The first project as part of this cooperation would be the optimisation of heat production and consumption in Izhevsk’s district heating system.

Cooperation between Schneider electric (SE) Russia and Petrol d.d., Ljubljana

Petrol d.d., Ljubljana will work on setting up specialised software and developing and providing IT support for an automated heat supply control system, as well as operate the relevant systems in Ekaterinburg, Russia’s fourth-largest city. In this city, which makes up one of the regions covered by the T Plus Group, Schneider Electric (SE) Russia will automate the district heating process control system, from the production source to the end user.

The project’s goal is to optimise and increase the Ekaterinburg heating system’s operating efficiency. This is a demanding project and a complex system, which requires continuous optimal heating-hydraulics operation. It is crucial for the system to have the right heat load, one that meets the required quality indicators of the energy sources supplied. In the long run, the system’s operation depends on several factors: the functioning of the users’ heat exchangers, weather, the nature of the heat sources and the emerging technical errors in the heating network structures. As part of this project, Petrol d.d., Ljubljana will implement a solution for the system’s optimal overhaul and operation – distributing heat better by predicting the network’s heat load and making sure its temperature is perfect.

Another integral part of the cooperation between Schneider Electric (SE) Russia and Petrol d.d., Ljubljana is the memorandum governing the establishment of business relations between the two companies and the further development of their terms of cooperation.

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