Twenty-two buildings get a new lease of life through energy renovation

Just over a year ago, Kranj city council signed a public-private partnership agreement with a consortium of companies (Petrol, Domplan Kranj and Gorenjske elektrarne Kranj) for the energy renovation of council-owned buildings. The first results of the energy renovation were unveiled at Helena Puhar primary school in Kranj on 10 September. The project has enabled the council to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1,321 tons a year, which is the amount absorbed every year by 65,000 trees or 150 hectares of forest. It also guarantees annual savings of approximately EUR 400,000.

Efficient energy use is one of the key objectives sought through the energy renovation of buildings. The greatest challenge of future years is to ensure that the growing need for energy is met at the same time as the harmful effects on the environment are reduced. Kranj city council has renovated 22 buildings in collaboration with a consortium of companies: Petrol, Domplan Kranj and Gorenjske elektrarne Kranj. Ten of these buildings have been fully renovated, six have been partly renovated, and energy management systems have been installed in the other six. The total heated surface area of the energy-renovated buildings is 68,450 m2. The energy renovations were carried out in 2018 and 2019 and have a contractual period of 15 years.

Project scope

The project involved the renovation of 13,300 m2 of façade, the replacement of 5,200 m2 of windows and doors, the renovation of 12,300 m2 of roofs and attic spaces, the refurbishment of four gas boilers, the installation of heat pumps in eight buildings and the refurbishment of three heating sub-stations, the installation of two high-efficiency air-conditioning units for building ventilation, the installation of approx. 2,770 LED lights, the replacement of 6,000 fluorescent lightbulbs with LED lamps, and the installation of 620 thermostat valves. Energy-management systems that enable energy systems to be optimised have been installed in all 22 buildings.
The energy-renovation project was designed and carried out in accordance with the Ministry of Infrastructure’s Operational Programme of European Cohesion Policy 2014–2020, and included cohesion funds from the 2014–2020 financial perspective.

Encouraging figures for the environment

Janez Grošelj, director of energy and environmental systems, had this to say as the results of the energy-renovation project were unveiled: “Petrol has committed itself to sustainable development in its vision up to 2022, so energy-renovation projects in partnership with municipalities are of the utmost importance to the company.” These words were echoed by Jože Torkar, director of energy solutions for the public and commercial sectors, who added: “Kranj city council is a pioneer in energy performance contracting, as we started our first energy-renovation project back in 2001.”

Jurij Gerbec from Petrol, who presented the project to the public on behalf of the consortium, highlighted the fact that renovation provides all buildings with optimal energy and water consumption along with suitable levels of comfort. “During the competitive dialogue with Kranj city council, we sought the best possible energy-renovation solutions in investment terms and took charge of the entire renovation process, enabling the partners to save energy and money.”

Matjaž Rakovec, mayor of Kranj, pointed out that the total guaranteed annual saving in thermal energy and electricity was 2,473,000 kWh, or around EUR 400,000 (excluding VAT) a year. “This also means an annual reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 1,321 tons, which is equivalent to the amount absorbed by 65,000 trees or 150 hectares of forest in one year. This is a very encouraging figure for our environment,” he added.

School playground, created with the help of Janez Štros, also opened at the event

Presentation of the energy-renovation project was accompanied by the handover of a new children’s playground by Kranj mayor Matjaž Rakovec, head of Helena Puhar primary school Janez Cuderman and painter Janez Štros. The school has acquired the new outdoor playground with the help of Janez Štros and his “Tudi ti si angel” (You are an angel too) project, following on from the multi-sensory room and sensory trail also provided to the school with the artist’s help. The total cost of the projects was just over EUR 20,000.

Why energy renovation?

Energy-renovation projects are beneficial to all, from partners to end-users. By taking responsibility for the entire energy-renovation process, Petrol saves its partners time and money. Energy-renovation projects optimise costs and minimise environmental burden, ensuring optimal energy and water consumption and the desired level of comfort within the building. The company are aware that it is only by working jointly to manage resources that our planet can be preserved for future generations.

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