Petrol’s coronavirus measures

At Petrol, we have been following the spread of the coronavirus ever since the outbreak, and promptly taking appropriate measures in terms of work organisation and business continuity, first and foremost ensuring the health of everyone, our employees and customers. The central focus of the Coronavirus Coordination Team, which oversees all the necessary protective measures and prepares plans, policies, protocols, instructions and notices, introducing and implementing them with respect to the stages of the spread of the infection since 24 February 2020, is the concern for the health and safety of employees and customers.  In addition, Petrol’s priority is to ensure that business runs as smoothly as possible in all locations, and of course to secure an uninterrupted energy supply in the country.

Special attention is paid to the points of sale, where we have been quickly installing protective barriers at checkout counters, thoroughly cleaning all contact surfaces, and paying special attention to the cleanliness of the sanitary facilities with the aim of reducing contact that could lead to the transmission of the virus. We also placed disinfectants for customers, both at the entrance to outlets and inside the outlets.

Petrol’s points of sale and online stores remain open for the purchase of fuel and merchandise; all our food supply remains uninterrupted, and there is no fear of running out. However, bearing in mind the non-contamination of fresh food, we completely cancelled self-service and we sell only pre-packaged foods. Moreover, we will not provide ready-made meals from the Fresh range until further notice. We also closely follow all the instructions of the state authorities. Thus, in accordance with the instructions, as of today, 16 March 2020, all bars at Petrol outlets, as well as all HopIN shops in city centres, will be closed.  To provide additional safety, we have also removed from the points of sale, all lids, sprinkles, napkins, etc., which were freely accessible at coffee corners, coffee-to-go machines, and elsewhere. They will not be available to customers, even at their request, until further notice. Since the virus can be transmitted by water spray, we also abolished car pre-wash in the automatic car washes.  Given the decline in road traffic, we will adjust the working hours of individual points of sale in the upcoming days, of which we will keep our customers informed.

We should act responsibly together and take care of each other.

We are aware that gloves and masks have a reassuring effect, but the National Institute of Public Health reports that there is no proof that they can protect us from infection.  The National Institute of Public Health advises that protective barriers should be installed at points of sale, which Petrol has been doing at an accelerated pace. The key protection is hand and cough hygiene measures (no contact with mucous membranes – mouth, nose, eyes) and avoidance of close contact (handshaking, hugging, etc.), while keeping a distance of at least 1.5 metres. These instructions are strictly adhered to by all our employees. In addition, we have prepared a special poster for our customers, placed at the counters of points of sales and displayed on LCD screens, informing them about how to protect their health by preventing the spread of infection. Similarly, we forward information through social networks, addressing customers with the following request: “We wish to protect the health of our customers and employees, and therefore request that you enter the point of sale only if you are feeling well, while observing cough and sneeze hygiene and maintaining a distance of 1.5 metres. At smaller service stations, we request that customers enter individually – only one at a time. Keep in mind that by using the “Na poti” (On the Go) app, you can completely avoid the checkout counter and pay for fuel directly from your car. The app also allows you to order products and select the point of sale for picking up your order. We believe that together we will succeed.

Petrol’s coronavirus measures

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