Take care of the environment and drink Coffee on the go cheaper

In the spirit of sustainability and respect for the environment, Petrol has long strived to leave a trace of sustainability at all levels of its operations, one of which is encouraging visitors to use sustainable packaging. If you pour your own coffee at the coffee corner of a Petrol Coffee on the Go outlet, you will now pay 10 cents less and do something good for the planet at the same time. “We want our customers to make it their habit to pour their own coffee into their own cups on the go, and to make it a habit to pour it into sustainable packaging”, says Nada Drobne Popović, President of the Management Board of Petrol, encouraging by example.

Initially, the Coffee on the Go self-pour option was only available at three test locations, but it soon became clear that customers welcomed the offer, with several self-pouring occasions noted. So they decided to go one step further and offer self-service at every outlet with a coffee corner. From Friday, 21 May 2021, customers will be able to pour their favourite coffee drink into their own cup at outlets across Slovenia, saving 10 cents. If you would also like to pour your own pot of Coffee on the Go on your next visit at a cheaper price, then when you visit the outlet, please stop by the counter with your own container, where the sales staff will hand you a token at a cheaper price.

Water refreshment at the point of sale

Three locations have also been tested with water bars or handy drinking fountains, where customers can fill up their own containers with a glass of fresh water, which is ideal for the warmer days ahead. These are modern water bars that are connected to the mains water supply and have water meters to filter the water, remove limescale and chlorine, prevent bacteria growth and reduce the risk of infections. But that’s not all, with water bars you can fill your own containers with cold, hot or warm water. By installing these handy drinking fountains, customers can refresh their water for free and at the same time be encouraged to use their packaging sustainably. For the time being, this is a test project being carried out at PM Dunajska 130, PM Celovška 226 and PM Hrušica – AC – South.

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