Petrol launches new public lighting renovation project in Šentilj

In the context of climate change, measures to move towards a low-carbon society and to promote energy and material efficiency are part of many strategies (both in the public and private sectors). Digitalisation, which cuts across all areas, including lighting infrastructure, can be of great help. At the end of May this year, the Municipality of Šentilj also concluded a 20-year concession contract with Petrol for the renovation and management of public lighting, with the aim of reducing light pollution and electricity consumption.

The public–private partnership model has once again proved to be extremely functional, as it brings many savings to the municipality. Over the contract period, the project will deliver over 5,000 MWh of electricity savings without the municipality having to invest its own funds or incur debt, as all costs are borne by the private partner. The municipality will thus be able to use its own funds for other sustainable projects. By renovating the public lighting, the Šentilj municipality and Petrol will reduce CO2 emissions by over 100 tonnes per year. 

All new luminaires comply with the Decree on limit values due to light pollution. In partnership with Petrol, Šentilj will benefit from a renewed public lighting system, while at the same time achieving positive environmental impacts.

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