Petrol’s Minutes for Life

Petrol has added ten new AED defibrillators to its list of AEDs, which have now been installed at 10 of the busiest locations on the motorway crossroads, where ambulance waiting times and vehicle turnover are highest during the high season, after selected city and tourist outlets. So with lives saved in mind, they are improving the focus on the customer and their service, because in cardiac arrest, it is the minutes until the arrival of ambulance teams that count the most.

AED defibrillators were installed at eight motorway service points between 28 June and 8 July 2021, along with additional training for staff in basic CPR procedures. They have been installed at the following points of sale: Lukovica AC – South, Voklo AC – West, Tepanje AC – East, Pince AC – South, Dul AC – South, Čatež AC – South, Vrtojba AC – North, Povir AC – North. In the next week, they will also be installed at Lom AC – West, Kozina AC – East.

The defibrillator is designed to provide assistance in the event of cardiac arrest. The electrical impulses in the heart muscle no longer work, or do not work properly or rhythmically, which can lead to “fibrillation” – a weak fluttering of the heart. The heart therefore stops moving blood around the body, and the cells do not get oxygen and nutrients. However, the appropriate electrical jolt from an AED (automated electronic defibrillator) defibrillator can “wake up” the heart, or cause the heart muscle to contract again, by triggering the appropriate electrical impulses.

What employees think of the new acquisition

Anja Mandelj, PM Voklo Z: “The AED machine is a responsible acquisition for us because it saves lives, and it is important that it is present in as many locations as possible; and, because it is safe and easy to use, everyone can use it. So if we ask ourselves in which places a defibrillator is needed the most, the answer is certainly wherever there are people. And if we aspire to make them as common as fire extinguishers soon, we are happy to be part of a company that cares about its customers and employees.”

David Kržan, PM Čatež J manager: “AEDs in our outlets are an important asset that can save lives. The great thing is that it is quick and safe to use, and easy to use for untrained salespeople, as the machine guides you through the whole process. Hopefully, the use of an AED will not really be necessary, but it is extremely welcome and rewarding to have a defibrillator at our disposal in a potential moment of crisis.”

David Vovk, PM Vrtojba S manager: “We were happy to accept Petrol’s initiative to install an AED. This acquisition will bring decisive aid in preserving life in case of cardiac arrest. The presentation was very clear, the machine guides you through the resuscitation process in Slovenian. Four employees attended the presentation, and we will shortly be presenting the operation and the use of the machine to the other employees, as I consider this very important, because ‘YOU ONLY GET ONE LIFE’. Money can buy everything in the world, but not life. It would be nice if more organisations would follow our company’s example, so that the AED network could grow even more.”

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