We contributed to a good cause by walking and running 1,231 km

Over the last few days, Petrol employees have taken part in one of the largest European campaigns - Race for the Cure. Between 6 and 17 October, alone or in the company of friends and family, they walked or ran 1,231 kilometres for this cause. The event was organised within the Healthy at Petrol - Connected in Awareness programme, but it was carried out individually, taking into account Covid-19 measures. Each participant carried out the activity at the location of their choice. 71 Petrol employees took part in the challenge, joined by another 65 outdoor enthusiasts.

Walking and running activities took place throughout Slovenia. Our employees passed and crossed lowlands, plains, conquered mounds and hills, and flirted with lush sunrises and sunsets, both on the mainland and along the coast. Everyone contributed as much as they wanted or could. Each kilometre, every good thought, and every wish counted.  

Separate - but virtually and mentally connected 

Although separated, a strong bond was felt among our employees during these days. Connected in a wish to support individuals fighting cancer, remembering the deceased, or with the awareness that this time they are not only helping by example, but by contributing to people who need help. 

We contributed to a good cause by walking and running 1,231 km

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