Petrol is developing a partnership with Cinkarna Celje

On Wednesday, 11 May 2022, Petrol and Cinkarna Celje inaugurated Petrol’s largest solar power plant in Slovenia. It generates 1 MW and is the first of the energy solutions being considered by the industrial company. Partnerships like this are vital for the green transition, because industry is one thing that can make a decisive contribution to a low-carbon future. 

As a partner to industry, public sector and households, Petrol is assuming a leading role in achieving the climate targets. Petrol was among the first in the region to actively engage in the energy transition towards a low-carbon society. As such, it will allocate 35% of its total investment potential of €698 million to energy transition investments in the 2021–2025 strategic period, with the largest share going to investments in renewable energy generation.  

It is already investing heavily in projects focusing on renewable energy and self-sufficiency, the mobility of the future and energy efficiency. It is helping the industrial sector move towards a greener future through measures to increase energy efficiency, a stable and cost-effective energy supply using various business models, building infrastructure for energy self-sufficiency and introducing hydrogen technologies. In such partnerships, solar power plants are an important part of Petrol’s comprehensive energy solutions for the energy renovation of commercial and public buildings. 

With the official opening on 11 May 2022, the company added to its portfolio one of the largest of its kind, the solar power plant at Cinkarna Celje. “Energy companies have a key role to play in the green transition, as we can offer answers to energy insecurity with a wide range of solutions. This is why the Petrol Group also supports the energy transition through energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. We ensure financing through appropriate business models for all segments, and we are a long-term, stable and financially strong partner for today and tomorrow. We provide a safe, reliable and cost-effective energy supply. We do our best to find a comprehensive energy solution and we strive to serve our customers in various segments and to reach out to them by designing a tailor-made offer,” said Jože Bajuk, Member of the Management Board of Petrol, at the opening ceremony.

The solar power plant comprises 2,222 solar modules with a total rated capacity of 1 MW. The estimated annual electricity production is 1,160 MWh, enough for about 330 average households. At the same time, this energy solution reduces CO2 emissions by 568 t/year, which is equivalent to the amount of CO2 absorbed by around 10,780 trees. The collaboration between Petrol and Cinkarna Celje does not end with this project though, as new solar power plants with a total rated capacity of 2.1 MW are planned to be built by 2023. 

Furthermore, the Petrol Group is also consolidating its role as a key player in the energy transition by generating its own electricity from renewable energy sources. In total, the Petrol Group currently operates: 2 wind farms in Croatia, 30 small solar power plants and 6 small hydro power plants, with the second wind farm, Ljubač, having been officially opened on 10 May 2022. The 9 wind turbines in Ljubač will annually generate around 96 GWh of sustainable electricity, which will cover the needs of 30,000 average households.

Petrol is developing a partnership with Cinkarna Celje

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