Ergonomic parks for better road safety

Petrol is introducing ergonomic parks at its points of sale to address driver safety and promote an active lifestyle. The first example of an ergonomic park is located at the Lukovica point of sale where many holidaymakers stop on the way to their destinations.

The increased road traffic during the holiday season brings many visitors to Petrol’s points of sale. Drivers stop primarily to refuel or charge their vehicles, have a snack or simply a short break. Some of Petrol’s points of sale already have tables and benches where people can enjoy their meals and some even have children’s playgrounds. In the context of the Petrol Group’s strategic initiative to develop and modernise its points of sale with a focus on customers, a project was launched in which ergonomic parks will be set up at the busiest points of sale. The first such park is already open in Lukovica.

Ergonomic parks are intended for visitors to have an active break, rest and relaxation while on the go. They enable having a safe and effective active break in nature. The equipment in the parks allows visitors to exercise, improve their mood and the ability to continue their journey. Active breaks are particularly important on longer distances and may positively help to improve road safety because long-distance travelling makes road users tired which many of them tend to forget. 

“We are pleased to be the first to offer a complete active break experience to children and adults. Our aim is to help our customers relax and rest when they stop at our points of sale and at the same time we want to provide them with a place where they can let go of the excess energy through exercise and fun. This project is a part of our goal which is to become the first choice for customers on the go,” explained Igor Maletič from Petrol’s Department of Physical Point of Sale Development.

Park users are thrilled with the innovation. "The ergonomic park is a real attraction for both tourists and our regular customers and locals," said Mario Gorenjak, manager of the Lukovica point of sale, and added "Our customers agree that having an option to exercise while on the go is a great contribution to their experience and well-being."

Given the great response from visitors, Petrol has decided to continue this project and is currently analysing the option to include such parks at other point of sale locations in Slovenia. DARS has also expressed its support to the continuation of such initiative. 

Ergonomic park includes equipment for exercising all muscle groups

The ergonomic park at the Lukovica point of sale consists of sets of equipment for exercising all muscle groups. Visitors can use the horizontal and vertical ladders, poles of various heights, gym rings, weights and resistance bands. Each piece of equipment has a QR code which takes visitors to an app with the instructions for use and workout videos. The ergonomic park also includes a smart bench with 3G and Bluetooth connection, a smart bin and a set of tables with benches for various purposes. 

Ergonomic parks for better road safety

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