The UTA Card

The UTA Petrol payment card is an international card that allows users to buy fuel for trucks and buses and pay for various services. It is welcome at over 31,000 sales outlets in 36 countries.

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The UTA Petrol payment card is an international card created in the cooperation between Petrol d.d., Ljubljana and Union Tank Eckstein GmbH & Co KG. It allows users to purchase fuel for trucks and buses, as well as pay for various services throughout Europe and North Africa.

Advantages of the card:

  • Free use.
  • Settlement of liabilities in euros, with detailed report on consumption. The UTA system issues the bills twice a month and, upon request, delivers all transaction data also in electronic form.
  • Cost control, with a billing system that helps with payments, planning and managing the fleet.
  • The refund of tax already paid abroad is guaranteed in accordance with the regulations of individual countries. The tax refund service is provided by Nikosax from Denmark, a company specialized in this service.
  • Personal identification number (PIN code) that is tied to a vehicle or company and serves as a safeguard against the misuse of the card in case of its loss or theft.

To get a UTA card, please follow the following steps:

  • Fill out the contract and the card application form.
  • Attach a copy of the signatory’s identity document and a statement that the copy of identity document is intended solely for concluding the relevant contract.
  • Attach a solvency report that you can get from your bank. The report must list the transaction volume within the last month and a statement that the transaction account is not blocked..
  • Sent the filled-out contract and documentation to the closest wholesale office:

Zaloška cesta 259, 1260 Ljubljana-Polje
Telephone: 01 586 35 18, e-mail:

Turnerjeva ulica 24, 2313 Fram
Telephone: 03 427 39 18, e-mail:
Telephone: 02 609 62 52, e-mail:

Vipavska cesta 5, 5000 Nova Gorica
Telephone: 05 338 40 85, e-mail:

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